A banner day, banner, I say!

The search for a vehicle of higher mpg and reliability has ended with a pristine 1999 Corolla with a modest accumulated 41,000 miles.  Honey says it’s for my longer commute but he’s taking it tomorrow to do oh, I don’t know, plate transfer, tranny fluid replacement, something, something. I should have contact with it by … Thursday?

In the meantime, while he was racing across three counties to be the first in line, I was at Radio Shack next door to my place of employment, giving the owner a headache.  While he’s in the middle of activating a flip model phone, I asked if this pretty little slider version was available and it was! For the same price!  “I want that one instead” to which he said no problem but when he was making the switcheroo, he messed it up and they had to roll out a chair for me while he called Sprint, his manager, and gee, it seemed like few other people too, all to avoid a $300+ fee for swapping, hence the aforementioned headache he claimed he had had all day but I think he was just being nice.  I think I gave it to him.

I am now the proud owner of a Samsung M520 slide phone with camera –will use; video–won’t use; TV and internet access–won’t use; music chip–might use; texting–won’t use, and the cutest little graphics you ever did see. I took the 200 minute lowball plan, single line, and $4 insurance in case it gets sat on or tossed in the wading pool.  The next move is to replace Honey’s phone with a RZR Tracfone for basic utility use such as locating me in Wal Mart.  Longer calls and family talk will be nights and weekends on the Sprint.  The combination of the modest plan plus the pay per use phone will be at least 20% less consistently.  I’ll be transferring the existing numbers this week and ending our love-hate relationship with AT&T.

The new car gets the 30+mpg we had to have.  It’s a champagne color, breaking our white with blue or tan interior 35 year streak, and it’s paid for.  No payments this year unless the remaining rolling teenager dies an untimely death.

My next immediate project is to figure out the new fun-fone.  Honey’s current immediate project is to get a good night’s sleep now that he doesn’t have to twirl around on the internet and wade through newspaper ads.  God is good.  We are still waiting on the stimulus check otherwise known as home improvements — shade from that warm Tennessee sun. 

For now, we say whew.


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