Taking out the trash

“Come ON, Dad. We know it’s rated R but it’s only about 10% language and sex.  The rest is quality art.  You raised us right, we know the difference between right and wrong.  It’ll just go right through us.”  The next day Dad made a pan of his kids’ favorite brownies.  Their eyes were sparkling with anticipated taste sensation as Dad cut and served. “It’s the highest quality chocolate, pure sugar, not that fake stuff, and only 10% dog poo and cat litter. Don’t worry. I know you can tell the difference between the bad and the good.  The bad stuff will just go right through.”

Input, output. If you have children, you will experience output from them at a most inconvenient time and place.

I’m a dyed in the wool videot.  The TV was delivered in 1953.  We were hooked.  It became us and we became it.  Up until that day, every evening Dad sat in the armchair and read us Bible verses before bedtime and just before we were tucked in, we gathered and recited the Lord’s Prayer.  TV was just too captivating and we were captured.  How sad.  As the years have flown by, times have changed.  We’ve progressed from stories with morals — Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet — to crap without morality — Two and A Half Men, Rules of Engagement.  Well, you just ignore the occasional negative and enjoy the quality, right?  So there’s profanity and nudity, violence, adultery.  We ignore it for the quality.  And men buy Playboy for the articles.

I have listened to hours and hours of Joyce Meyer’s teachings.  In her walk with God as her ministry was founded, grounded, and growing, she would occasionally complain of the progressive restrictions.  Give up smoking. Drop this. Toss that. Go here, not there. “Why, God, why? Sister So’n’so … ”  Joyce, you’re not her. She’s not you. The deeper you walk, the cleaner you walk. I’ll take care of the sister, not you. 

One of my favorite programs is Boston Legal.  The wit is sharp and the characters are bizarre, just up my funny bone. Shades of Cheers and M.A.S.H. and Night Court.  I’ve been a loyal fan for 2 full seasons, giggling at Denny and when I can’t stand the unnecessary but inevitable BBBB, Bright Blue Bush Bashing, I mute Alan Shore’s courtroom BS. However, I am noticing that the closer I want to be to God, the more annoying the rants and some of the story lines.  Just last night, they sued the DNC for the shoddy and seemingly ineffective system of super delegates who are confounding and confusing the primary process.  The final word from the judge was that if they didn’t like it they could vote Republican which is how we got the likes of George Bush. AARGH!

Do these writers and producers feel so much deep, vile hatred from hell that they can’t hold their tongues long enough to realize they’re offending 50% of their potential viewers and revenues for the sake of satisfying a filthy itch? How flyin’ stoo-pid is that? They’d rather have a president unzip his fly in the highest office in the land???  I’m sick of having their hate speech shoved in my face, eyes, and ears. Since there’s a choice, I’ll choose to turn them off.  Gone. I’ll miss Denny Crane but, hey .. I don’t really need the input.

Life in this world is tightening the noose around Christians.  Another of my faves is Criminal Minds.  I just love to see the bad guys nailed.  The bad guy this time was a father who was a prison guard and professed faith in God.  The story portrayed him as beating his gay son to the point that the son couldn’t help himself  (poor baby) and turned into a serial killer, eliminating gay men all because his Christian father violently guilted him.  Sigh.  The viewers are to believe that all Christians are homo-phobic and all homosexuals are justified in however they want to act and react because of the mean icky Christians.  Plain and simple.  Poopy Christians.  Poopy.  All poopy.

Sick. and. tired.  In the media, if Christians aren’t serial killers themselves, they create them with their intolerance and hatred.  In reality, the noose of intolerance and misconception through the media tightens around the necks of Christians as it increases in volume, louder and louder.

I believe God uses bad things as tools to teach and lead us.  I think this is an area where God could be taking from me this medium (Medium is another fave) one piece at time to get it through to me that my satisfaction is to be found in Him, His Word, His creation, quiet prayer time, direct people interaction, books about Him, ……..

CSI hasn’t gotten political yet.



One thought on “Taking out the trash

  1. Basilea Schlink wrote about her struggle with trying to be a holy person in an unholy world. Early in her journey, she refused to enjoy music, the arts, concerts, movies and all of the worldly fun things because this stuff was not holy enough.

    She was miserable.

    THEN, she decided to be “in the world” but not “of the world.”

    With this revelation, she enjoyed life with music, museums, the arts, movies, concerts and other worldly fun things. She just learned to listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit.

    Basilea Schlink averaged 8 – 10 hours a day in prayer for most of her life. When David Wilkerson met her, he was slammed to the floor by the Presence of God surrounding her. Schlink walked with God.

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