Shot in the foot

I watched my DVD by Perry Stone on the 7 feasts of Israel given to Moses in the wilderness.  They are the pattern and shadow of the first coming of Jesus, the Church Age, and His final return and reign.  The details are amazing.  I say pattern when I should say blueprint.  Christianity, by virtue of a Jewish Messiah, is soooo undeniably Jewish.

Replacement Theology, which shall be known here from now on as RT, shot the bride in the foot as a small child.  Early on, we — she — was dressed in pagan ribbons and bows to better sell to, who else, pagans.  If you make something familiar, you attract members. Constantine did a wonderful job with accepting inspired books already known to be inspired such as Paul’s writings, and the original 4 gospels, considered by that time as the 4 pillars of truth.  Fine.  He should have let it go at that — Meeting Adjourned, where’s the alcohol free grape juice (if you still believe that one) — but, noooo, he got the big head and started in with the details.  Here’s just a few things Constantine declared:

  • Jews can be Christians but they can’t be Jewish about it.  They have to do it like us.
  • We aren’t doing any more Jewish feasts.  Passover, out.  The resurrection they had attached to Passover (duh) is now Easter, a term direct from the fertility ‘ho’s in the worship of Baal, not a friend of God (see 10 Commandments). They had bunnies and eggs back then too.
  • No more Christian flavored lion food.  Christianity is now the official religion in Rome.

By separating out Judeaism from The New Christianity, any knowledge of Jesus’ birth disappeared without association with and knowledge of the Jewish feasts.  Scholars of the 7 feasts now are 99.99+% sure He was born the first day of Sukkot, the Feast of the Tabernacles, in the fall, this year on October 14.  Since the pagans — uh,oh– non-Christians, now associate Santa so strongly with the Christian Christmas and want him to disappear along with Jesus, I propose (again) that we take our creche and carols and move to Sukkot.  Let them do with Santa what they will.  Fear not for Santa’s safety. Without Jesus, he and all the reindeer will survive and once again be accepted as magical gift givers.  By the time Christians decided to celebrate His birth a couple hundred years later or so in the Dark Ages, they had no clue when it should be, and since the pagans were on holiday for the winter solstice, and they had the day off anyway, bada-bing, let’s use this opportunity to Christianize a pagan day, keeping most of the symbols of course.  Like, holly, for one example.

Another piece of shrapnel in the foot was the unavailability of the printed Word as there was no printing until that German guy, Gutenberg invented his press in 1450.  That’s a long time to take instruction from a corrupt church system that was more interested in political control than the born again experience.  Add to the Lack ‘o’ Bible condition the suppression of original thought — no opposing opinion at the risk of burning at the stake, a custom used on heretics of The Church of Roman Control throughout Europe’s kingdoms all the way to King Henry the VIII’s desire to divorce his wife, hence the non-Catholic Church of England.  Even then, translating the Bible to English and actually reading it in that horrible tongue sent more than a few to the public bonfire.

Enter the Reformation under Martin Luther, a much needed change, although Martin himself didn’t care a diddly for the Jews in his later writings — verbally abusive is mild.  Even with Luther’s monumentally dramatic change for religious freedom, the Jews continued to be vilified and rejected and the Bride remained a hybrid, an overly gilded orphan without her parent faith of Judeaism with all its beauty and wisdom, prophecy, history, and revelation.

RT was her opiate, sensually deadening to the point that she didn’t even miss her Hebrew heritage, so much so, that the Inquisition made perfect sense to her.  After all, the prophecies were hers now.  She would welcome any Jew who wanted to join her ranks, but on her terms …… or else.  Many Jews chose “or else” and secretly flooded the new world, burying their identity lest the Church follow them across the ocean.  Jesse Brock’s mother from the world of the Cherokee very well could have been descended from the Inquisition escapees.

One of the greatest miracles of the ages, for all her blindness, stumbling, and detours, the Bride has survived many attacks of the enemy on her life and progress.  The Holy Spirit was and still is the lifeblood of the Church, her IV, her oxygen, her crutch.  Her revivals have been her B12 shots, as the Spirit continues to draw people to Himself through her.

Man, does the Rev. Stone talk fast.  I’ll have to run that disk again.  He packs a good 4 hours of teaching into two without inhaling.  But there is so much to know.  God reveals through His feasts Himself, His plans, His desire to have us for Himself and how He plans to make it happen.  wow.

I could loan you the DVD …. or ….. not quite yet.  Or you could go to and take a peek at this and other teachings.  Catch him on Daystar just about every evening.  There’s so little time to learn.  Even if Jesus’ return is another generation or two away, you aren’t getting any younger.




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