Could be busy to distraction, blogging instead

We have a rummage sale coming up at the church.  I have stuff. I spent Saturday trying to part with some of it.  The DVDs were first. I’m letting go of about 5%. Applause, applause.  Books are next, a little easier to sacrifice but still a predictably small percentage.  After church, Honey grabbed almost all of our incredible collection of Max Lucado books saying we needed to give someone else a chance to be blessed and I pulled back only three.  Pat me on the back for pulling back only three.  I looked at the CD rack, paused, and walked away.  Not yet.

There is a pile of rubble in the middle of my bedroom.  It’s really clothing, but if I call it rubble, I can deal with it.  If I pulled out everything in the closets that are too small, the rubble will turn into a landfill.  That’s my goal.  I’ll be able to pack my entire remaining, for lack of a better term, wearable wardrobe, into a backpack.  (breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out).

I have a box full of belts ready for exile, items that are good only as necklaces now, very ugly necklaces.  That box sits on top of a box full of purses.  If I even look like I’m going to touch it, Honey will wrap it in yellow police tape.  But, I’m only going to count them for posting to Turbo’s ItsDeductible program. I don’t think he believes me.

At work the load has picked up and we haven’t replaced the person who lost her job because of absenteeism.  Today I worked 10 hours and should get in early tomorrow so that at week’s end I have some OT and still get off 90 min early on Friday for a dinner date.  An additional featurette this evening is the on and off pattern to the power grid.  Evidently there is some power-pole work going on in the neighborhood.  If it goes back on long enough for me to charge my phone tonight, I’ll have a way to get up tomorrow, not shower, not eat, and still get to work on time. 

Life in the slow lane.  Ain’t it fun sometimes?  I could always read by the light of the street lamp, ‘cuz I don’t think we have a flashlight.  Hey, wait — how about that million candle 10 pound yellow thing I was going to shine on Gore’s fuel-pig-jet on Lights Out night?  I wonder if it’s charged.  Yup, charged all right.  But the beam is so bright, the battery dies in 10 minutes.

Power’s on… for now.


2 thoughts on “Could be busy to distraction, blogging instead

  1. It is my belief that eventually science will discover that women’s DNA contains a dominant gene which clouds their common sense into thinking, “Someday, I’ll wear that…someday, I’ll use that… someday, I’ll read that… someday, I’ll listen to that… don’t you dare throw it away!”

    Now us men, we aren’t like that. Just give us a gun, a Bible, a hat and we’re ready to head the conestoga west. Climb a few mountains. Ford some rivers. Shoot a bear or two. And oh yes, throw out all the women’s stuff along the way.

    Yippe ki yay, get along little doggies!

  2. Wow, I almost accidentally marked you as spam.

    If a culture ever demanded men shave their legs, wear skirts, high heels, sit to pee, and carry the entire family’s needs and wants in a big purse, they’d save and store too…just in case something needed to be thrown “at”

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