Back in time

April 4th. My daughter made her debut on Earth. A tribute will follow soon.  Her birthstone is the diamond and I chose this year to give her my diamond earrings.  It’s a win/win.  They have special meaning because of who we are to each other and some Christmas or birthday or anniversary in the future I will have another pair to bless someone again further down the road.  (Did you get that, Honey?)

I don’t have enough pictures and would give much to go back and do over my children’s childhoods.  I’m not sure I would change much.  I do know I’d add more positives and reduce negatives. I’d lighten up.

Last week a man who claimed to know how to travel through time made the news.  The local talk radio host played with the topic and asked if you could go back in time, what would you do?  (I said I would buy land.)  Who would you sit down and talk with?  What would be the ripple effects if you told Mr. Lincoln to stay home, prevented the battleships from bunching together at Pearl Harbor, set up a video camera on the grassy knoll or put a dome on Kennedy’s convertable, tell Dr. Martin Luther King to book another room somewhere else, break up Charles Manson’s parents?  If you could be in Jerusalem during the week leading up to the crucifixion, could you refrain from interfering?  If I could stop my grandfather from hanging himself in his brother-in-law’s barn, I would.  Couldn’t my family’s life have only been improved?

Therefore, to prevent multiple monumental screwups, two rules must apply to any time traveller.   No changes and no advice.  To insure that, you would have to be a ghost that couldn’t be seen or heard, strictly an observer.  Mere eye contact could result in questions that could distract someone long enough for him to miss something crucial.  Neither can you leave notes. That kind of takes the fun out of it if you’re a fixer like me.

For the sake of brevity here, I will limit myself to a Top Ten list.  That’s tough.  I want to prevent what I perceive to be senseless tragedy.  Not being God, I have no way of discerning which tragedies were senseless and which were necessary for the furtherance of His plans.  Maybe that’s why we don’t see a lot of people from the future walking up to us and sayng don’t do that, turn left, stay home tonight.

So to limit myself to observation only, my top ten, not necessarily in order, are:

1.  New York City the day the boys came home from WWII when the sailor kissed the nurse on the cover of Life magazine.

2. The wedding of John Murphy to Rachel Cook, my 3G-grandmother, purported to be a beautiful southern belle.

3. Mom and Dad’s wedding reception.

4. The Rev. William Murphy delivering a sermon as a circuit rider with his brother Joseph.

5. The signing of the Declaration of Independence.

6. A family dinner when Dad was in the high chair.

7. The look on Mary’s face when she saw her Son resurrected.

8. King David on his throne on a good day.

9. The temple in Jerusalem as it was in its glory in Jesus’ day.

10. Five year old Jesus watching Joseph work.

11. The full cast involved in JFK’s assassination and how they did it.  I will die believing it was a conspiracy until I see it wasn’t.

Okay, that’s eleven.  I cheated. But that last one eats at me because it was the pivotal point after which my generation viewed government as a unit of liars, the generation that began the liberal holocaust on what the greatest generation sacrificed and bled for.  How could this one event with so many witnesses be covered up so fast by so few?

To make this an even dozen, I want to see the parting of the Red Sea and the looks on the faces of those walking for miles between walls of water.

What history do you want to witness? Noah walking out of the ark? Columbus encountering his first native? Maybe the view from your own crib………

What’s your top ten?

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