Can I borrow that?

I haven’t had a chance yet to look for Mom’s senior picture with the hair she hated then and throughout her life.  I liked it. For now, let’s let her sit back in her heavenly rocking chair – and if I’m sure of one thing, her mansion has a bunch of them — and let her think I won’t post it.
I bought a tape set, oops, CD set at the Joyce Meyer conference titled Burnt, but not Bitter.  There are hundreds to choose from.  No, there are about that many people crowding in front of them so I can’t shop at my leisure as if I am oh so important.  Correction, there are at least a hundred CD sets at the table and enough people to teach me a quick lesson on patience, something I needed this morning on the highway.
None of Joyce’s teachings are for the faint of heart.  Her humor draws you in.  She entertains. She speaks from experience. And she won’t let go of her point until it’s driven home.
On stage, each session, and on video before each session, Joyce and her ministry team inform the audience, for the benefit of those who reach their own verdict based on the fact that there was an investigation and audit, that for every dollar that walks in the door, 82 cents goes to world missions.  She feeds the poor, fully funds orphanages, and digs wells for villages that have no water sources.  82%.  Her personal earnings are from her books only.  She takes nothing from the ministry – zip, zero, nada – and of her book income, she gives into her own ministry 90% and lives quite satisfactorily on the remaining 10%.  Now. Are the criticisms and accusations answered?  Go to to see her financials all of which were submitted waaaay before the deadline.
Back to Burnt/Bitter.  It’s nothing like Neosporin.  This is not a salve.  Matter of fact, none of her teachings are a salve or ointment.  No “poor baby” messages from that mom.  It’s time for your vegetables and castor oil.  Nevertheless, I’ve been chuckling all the way through all 5 disks for two days now.  I can hardly wait until I can exchange it for another set with Marsha.  “You buy this and I’ll buy that and we’ll trade.”  Where are we, a restaurant? “Sounds good to me.”
But there could be a problem with trading with the church friend who invited me to join her at the conference.  At work today:
Terry: Where did you go this weekend?
Me:  Joyce Meyer conference in Winston-Salem.  I have a CD set.
Terry: Oh, is that the older woman who preaches? I want to listen to the CDs when you’re done.
Sandy: Who’s this?
Me:  Joyce Meyer.  I’m listening to her right now.
Sulane: Oh, I love her! Can I borrow these?
Phyllis: Are those Joyce tapes?  She was in Knoxville a couple of years ago.  Mind if I listen to them when you’re done?  See that wall with the yellow windows over there?  One of those girls in that area has Joyce tapes she passes around to quite a few around here.  You can trade with her.
There is now a sticky note with my name, extension, and cell phone number inside the case. I may have to place another order online or contact Marsha to borrow a set instead of trade if I plan on listening to any more any time soon. 
Hey!  I have cassette tape sets at home I haven’t listened to for a while.  Plus, this gives me an excuse to order the one on Eagles.
Y’know, I really hope it’s a long, long time before I get those CDs back.

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