In the routine again

I will tell you about the weekend, the message, the crowd and the music.  Also this last weekend my mother would have turned 100.  I hesitate to say “celebrated” as I think she would be upset at the 3 digits. 

I’m having trouble with the genealogy program.  It dies when I want to merge a new name which could be a moot point at this point in time.  I’ve cancelled the Ancestry membership, forcing me to progress to printing, research, and scanning.  I know.  I said that a couple of weeks ago but this time I hit the cancel button.  Maybe 9,707 names are enough.  Some are accidental tangent lines of no relation, others are repeats, people we descend from in multiple lines.  Many we share.  Yes, Honey and I are cousins albeit the common ancestors are back over a thousand years. 

Right now it’s late.  I’ve been diddling with the computer, reinstalling, uninstalling, restoring to two different previous dates and undoing one.  I thought I’d lost my 9707 people file and just about lost my cookies before I figured out they were still there.  However, 6 minutes to Ancestry membership cutoff at midnight doesn’t allow me much time to figure out how to merge new ones from all the leaves that formed.  Oh, well.

I need to set aside some time this week to dig out Mom’s graduation picture, the one of her in her ’20s bobbed hair, the picture she tried to hide.  I’m sure if she were here, she’d still hate it but she’s wrong.  I’m anxious to post it.

The clock strikes 12 and this cinderella is heading for bed.  Good night.


One thought on “In the routine again

  1. Jane, are you still checking in at your blog? I saved a copy of the picture of your Mom (Graduation photo). I see that you haven’t posted here in some time so I was anxious to grab a copy of it in case you shut this down. Anyway, I am Elva’s, (your cousin) daughter and I contacted you many moons ago through your blog but, unfortunately, we never actually connected. I hope you are checking in here, I would like to email with you directly if that’s possible. Thanks!!

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