Just heard about this guy Mencken. I’ll have to look him up.

Jack Kennedy’s most famous line was “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”  Something went terribly wrong.  Today, the only thing “the country” wants to hear from candidates who want to “take those (oil’s) profits” is exactly the opposite.  Kennedy’s and LBJ’s war on poverty has created the greatest government sponsored welfare dependency in the history of mankind.  The mold of sloth and contentment in entitlement has taken over the house.

I think this really drives the point home.  Wish I had written it.  

“The Bad Boy of Baltimore”  a biography of H.L. Mencken by Marion Elizabeth Rodgers.   On page 409 of that book he finds the following”  

“By the mid-1930’s, thanks to the New Deal, all that self-reliance had changed, prompting Mencken to declare: ‘There is no genuine justice in any scheme of feeding and coddling the loafer whose only ponderable energies are devoted wholly to reproduction.  Nine-tenths of the rights he bellows for are really privileges and he does nothing to deserve them.’ Despite the billions spent on an individual, ‘he can be lifted transiently but always slips back again.’ Thus, the New Deal had been ‘the most stupendous digenetic enterprise ever undertaken by man…. We not only acquired a vast population of morons, we have inculcated all morons, old or young, with the doctrine that the decent and industrious people of the country are bound to support them for all time.  The effects of that doctrine are bound to be disastrous soon or late.’When someone asked, “And what, Mr. Mencken, would you do about the unemployed?”  He looked up with a bland expression.  “We could start by taking away their vote,” he said, deadpan. Mencken was not surprised when the majority disagreed.  “There can be nothing even remotely approaching a rational solution of the fundamental national problems until we face them in a realistic spirit,” he later reflected, and that was impossible so long as educated Americans remained responsive “to the Roosevelt buncombe.”

“Buncombe,” by the way, means either a county in North Carolina, a city in Illinois or another word for “nonsense.” 

And in case you hadn’t noticed, oil companies spend $billions researching alternative energy souces while simultaneously protecting the environment.  OH! I almost forgot.  They employ millions of people. Maybe if they could grow and employ even more people, fewer would be sucking up welfare benefits. All this from the very gross (not net) profits Hillary wants to take.  That’s fascisim. Hmm. I thought she was a socialist.


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