Henry and Doris still rock

(The skits performed were written for us and it was only after that was I informed of these names as characters from the 70’s under the general title Pillars of the Assembly. I have no current access to that material.)

As promised, here are the links to both of my total of two Henry and Doris posts.  Up until Honey and I performed them, I had never heard of the world’s favorite church hypocrites.  However, my Across Walk site is top billing on Google.  Type in Henry and Doris and there is Across Walk, page one, first two listings of 654,000.  (however, the first two of the 654,000 — me — are the only two that refer to this particular Henry and Doris) If this is fame, I am famous where’s my camera crew?

Many people have firsthand experience listening to audio and video of Henry and Doris and, having worn them out, are looking for replacements or different recordings than they have.  Every day, literally, there is at least one person who has accessed a post of Henry and Doris. 

One small company that had some CDs, posted a comment announcing themselves, and after I orderded mine some months later, asked me politely to remove the post advertising their business.  All I can guess is that they were innundated with requests.  They said they hoped to have more copies but for now, remove my reference to them.

So to all who may be googling H&D, that’s all I know.  Thanks for visiting, and do come again.


One thought on “Henry and Doris still rock

  1. Hi Jane!

    This is the producer/director of Drama With Direction, Inc.–the original creators of THE PILLARS OF THE ASSEMBLY…Doris and Henry. Since folks have expressed a great interest in the recordings of D and H, we are now offering cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs. I e mailed you the info yesterday. If anyone that reads your blog is interested, they may reach me at dlz7808@aol.com.

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