Christmas cards

I bought the cards today.  Stan wrote out a brief summary to insert.  Hey, it’s on red paper.  It seems the older we get, the more time we’re supposed to have and the less that gets done.  When we were in MN raising the kids, we were in Lions International–that’s two parties, members of the Chamber–that’s another party, Honey was a Shriner–one more party, in choir–that’s a carolling party, hockey parents–that’s December games and no sports buses so we transport and feed them after the game, and maybe a neighborhood get-together or two, one of which could be at our house, plus out of town friends who had an annual first-saturday-of-December party.  Now we go nowhere and do little.  Frankly, I like it, but the incentive to do it all is gone-with-the-children when it comes to cookies, party trays, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, etc.

The addresses are all over the place in various address books in various stages of being the new and updated one, all of which have sticky notes on them of updated address changes.  The trouble is, I didn’t date the sticky notes to know which is the most recent update.

I need a secretary.

Needless to say, part of the insert has my blog address on it.  I used to do a slam-bang Christmas letter.  Now that I blog 3 to 5 times a week, I draw a blank on Christmas letters.  There’s either too much to say or I’ve already blogged it.

I will place a few strategic phone calls to people who have written and I failed to write back.  Guess I’d better get hustling.

Take a deep breath, hit the publish key, and go get those addresses in order.


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