The Silver Streak

…is not just a train or a movie starring Gene Wilder.  And, it’s all over my workplace.

The company I work for permits and encourages the freedom to celebrate holidays, therefore each department has its own Christmas tree, its own gift exchange, brunches, lunches, and snack days.  The managment also gets into the employee recognition routine with thank you catered events and landmark celebratory catered lunches.  Do you see a pattern?  One of the first phrases I heard was NOVA Pounds.  

Today was a thank you brunch from our manager. She made two quiche dishes of which she promised to email the recipes, and biscuits.  We thought we were done when she pulled out a game of Outburst.  A team leader has a card with 10 answers to a chosen subject and the rest of the team is to shout out their answers before the little hourglass empties.  We divided into 3 teams and proceeded to play for at least 45 minutes.  One of the categories was “Hair-dos”.  One noticable thing about the game is it gets really loud.  I missed most of the answers to the hair-do category, so when we finally did get back to work, I asked Beth what they were.  “Oh, I can’t remember them all but I do remember….” (and she rattled off all of them plus one or two that she said should have been on it.  MacKenzie, the other half of Beth, made note that Beth has a high retention rate of, in her words, worthless crap with no future.

Hair-dos that made both the official list and the Beth List were Mullet, Ringlet, Bob, Corn Rows, Shag, Beehive, Butch, Buzz, Duck Tail, Flip, Wedge, Fringe, Pompadour, Mohawk, Reverse Mohawk, Ponytail, Pigtails, and one shoulda-been, The Rachel, named after a character on Friends.

One more honorable mention is what I see walking around Cubie World — the Silver Steak, worn by middle aged women who keep their hair youthfully dark, too dark, or red or orange or suspiciously blond.  They color their hair whether professionally or by way of the Clairol box, then wait about 3 weeks longer than they should before they do the old root repair.  The result is a one to two inch silver part on the top of their heads, a feature that catches the light and shouts from the front of the building to the back, “make an appointment!”

It’s not just a train anymore.


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