Adding flesh to the stats


Some of the early settlers began to meet for worship services and formed the Cherokee Creek Meeting House. Although the exact date of organization is not known, some historians believe this Baptist church was started circa 1780 or earlier. The first recorded meeting took place April 2, 1783, when the Reverend William Murphy was installed as pastor. By September 4, 1783, the members of Cherokee Creek Meeting House had pledged that “we do not look upon ourselves (as) infallible (but) we still look to be further taught by the word and spirit of God. . .”

One of the many details I’m getting from my new network is that Rev.4-Great-Gramps was once just over my shoulder less that two hours from my back deck.  About 30 miles from my front deck toward Knoxville, he lived there with John, also a Reverend, and Rachel, my 3-Great-grandparents.  That’s a big town.  As I shade my eyes, I wonder what part of Knoxville, what neighborhood, what street.

Next spring, if I can wait that long, Nancy and I, with the Honeys, will pilgrimage to Jonesborough, TN, which was North Carolina before the borders were adjusted, to see the scenery the 4GG saw.  In the meantime, I really want to locate the spot in Knoxville.  Logically, the house wouldn’t be there unless …… ?  According to the recent material shared with me by my cousins on RootsWeb, he along with John and Rachel are buried in Barren Co., Ky, specifically somewhere around Bowling Green.

Having originated in Virginia before the Revolutionary War, having fought in said war, these people went on to pioneer Tennessee and Kentucky. I could be taking a few Saturday afternoon trips.  There goes the housework.  Again.


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