Friday again.  It’s 10:25pm, late for me.  Honey is already stretched out and clinging to the TV noise as I am tapping away on the computer in order to prove that we are young enough to stay up and prolong our Friday with the best of the party crowd.  Who are we kidding?  I can hear him snoring and my eyelids are heavy.

I am recently in touch with a cousin through our common ancestor, Rachel Cooke.  Her name just keeps popping up.  I admit, of the 1800+ names I’ve collected in the last 3 months, she remains my favorite.  Legend says she was a beauty.  I credit her French descendency for her sparkly dark eyes and her wavy black hair as testified to by a grandson to his grandson and written for the rest of us in 1915.  Anyway……….

Cousin Charlie Cooke is a newly discovered relative and I am getting more information on the Cookes of Virginia circa 1776 and the struggle to birth a nation.

Another point of interest today was from a local talk show host discussing gift giving at Christmas time.  Man, do I have material on that one.  Stay tuned.

As for right now, the fireplace is losing strength but still keeping some of the night chill at bay.  The quilts are calling, I feel the need for silence — I’m curious what dreams may come drifting in to carry me away.

Good night.


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