Not from around here

No body is from — anywhere but is from everywhere.  That was the one lesson that genealogy has taught me. Even our native Americans crossed on a land bridge from Asia.  And if civilization began at the Euphrates, so did the African continent originate other than the African continent.

Everyone is at some point interested in their ethnic background if only as an answer to a question in a casual conversation.  My maiden surname is Murphy therefore I am Irish.  Well, yes, some my ancestors lived in Ireland for a few centuries.  Before that, there are many possibilities.  In fact, my mother’s people came from Holland before it was The Netherlands.  So, I am a larger percentage Dutch, also Pennsylvania Dutch which is really German descent, but REALLY Dutch.   So, then I’m half Irish and half Dutch.  Not quite, says Dad.  Mom says her grandmother was an indentured servant from England who settled in Canada.  Is Canadian ethnic?  Dad’s paternal grandmother’s name was Nelson.  His mother’s heritage goes deep into England back to 1250 including 2 knights. So, I’m 1/4 English.  Not so fast. Scotland and Wales had a part.  In my clickings, I have uncovered (not literally) about 600 to 700 years worth of ancestors in England in more than one line.  And they bred like rabbits with no cable TV.  A click or two later, I’m looking at addresses in France, Spain, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Prussia, wherever Ivan the Great sat, Germany, and if the information is trustworthy, Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia, and Israel.

So, I’m a mutt.  Exactly!!  We’re all mutts.  Viewing our ancestral lines from a very high ladder, they were nomads, albeit very slow nomads, and every time a descendant moves, we remain nomads.

Talk about diversity!  Apparently there aren’t too many customs I can’t celebrate or a costume I can’t wear.  That’s why I don’t get all mushy over the DAR, of which I could be a member at least twice over, or the Mayflower Society, all puffed up over the boat that was originally headed for Virginia where some of my people had already been for several years.  My lines include knights and kings, consorts, and at least one high sheriff around Robin Hood’s day. My list of famous cousins is not only impressive, it’s embarrassing.

It’s back to the internet to untangle the multiple lords and ladies in France circa 1000 AD.  (Rabbits, I tell you, rabbits — people most in need of cable).

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