Youth Sunday


One of the Cameron Christian Church’s annual events was Promotion Sunday during which the classes take turns lining up on stage and reciting a Psalm, the Beatitudes, etc. and receiving certificates of promotion to the next class.  I remember one year the high point was when Beth Armstrong, then about 2 or 3, covered her face with her skirt.  All the audience and her mortified mother saw was crinoline, pudgy knees and panties.

Another favorite was Childrens’ Day.  Same format of line-up and recitation.  It was painful to do and painful to watch.  If singing was involved, white cape-like robes were involved including the big bow at the neck, removable so the same capes could be worn at Christmas with tippy wire halos and crooked wire wings.

When I had my own kids, the programs at the Litchfield Christian Church were a little more imaginative, but not much.  The unwilling participants held the mike too low, ran their words together and mumbled a scripture.  You could scan the audience and spot the parents instantly by the rapt glow on their faces.  I was one of those moms.  But to be honest, the excitement meter score was right there with the Gideons.  Then we came to Seymour Heights Christian Church.  We’ve seen a change in format as times changed, as the size of the congregation grew.  What our little ones do is short and adorable.  What our youth did today was phenomenal.  They can lead me in worship any day they want.  Both the youth minister and his wife presented The Word in strength, the praise team takes a back seat to no one and one of the two dramas was directed at us– the old and older. Some of the jokes weren’t funny but the people behind me laughed anyway.

The drama that brought the house down was linked here a few weeks ago.  Our kids were perfect.  Here it is again 


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