It’s a word Honey made up to attach to any random, non-lethal, annoying virus.  It’s meant to reduce the lengthy descriptions by its victims including, but not limited to “oh by god, by head is valli’g ov, by eyez r bade ob zanbaper, my lugs hab rocks, I’n dyin'”.  You know the script.

I’m home today.  The symptoms are mild, not a viable excuse for home time according to my mother’s Handbook on Kids Playing Hooky.  In her world, you discount the severity of all forms of flu from stomach to 108 degree fevers to pneumonia to rashes to unconsciousness, drag yourself everywhere, and maintain your schedule bravely until everyone around you is infected and/or dead.  “Sure you can stay home from school after you show me the puke.”  Her conclusions are based on being the sick mother who still has to get up in the night, feed the brood, and clean despite the above symptoms.  I’ve done it too.  If you have little ones and are forced into Virus Martyrdom, I empathize deeply.  As for this stage of my life, it’s just me and the TV.

I have sick time.  I am using the sick time to sit, drink water, nap, and indulge in whatever other form of “rest” it takes to shorten the life span of a simple common cold so that I am not so worn down that it deteriorates into fever, bronchitis, or a general infection requiring an antibiotic requiring a doctor appointment or an ER visit (money, honey, money).  Granted, had I not had the sick time, I would, as I have done in the past, be hovered over my keyboard at work instead of this one at home, yakking up lung chunks for all to hear, blowing my dose until it’s red, sneezing like a sailor over the cubie wall before I can grab the tissue, and touching things other people will touch.  Is this not what sick time is for?  And I do so dislike taking stuff that dries my contacts and makes my head echo echo echo echo echo.

FYI, the use of those sexy breathe-right strips prevents most stuffing up.  Really.  Honey’s avoiding me so I don’t have to worry about our strips tangling in a good-night kiss.  Isn’t that a word picture?

Speaking of napping, that’s not a bad idea.


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