Just to the boat

I remember saying that years ago when a new friend offered to help me get started investigating the ancestors.  If I can just trace them to the immigrants, I’ll be thrilled.  The first thing I discovered was that the immigrants had parents too, as did those parents, and those and on back to Adam. If the next link from the last link can be found, I want to find it.

It’s like cleaning out one drawer, or eating just one potato chip.  I’m hooked.

A couple of months ago, I thought I had zeroed in on the line back to Thomas de Burton, born 1250 in England.  I looked at it again this weekend and discovered that 350 years later, the line written out and tucked in the family bible disagreed on who was Thomas IV’s daddy.  Until I high myself to Henrico County, Virginia and find the record, I don’t know if his birth is something that happens in the best of families or not.  Ancrestry.com says his daddy is Richard, not Thomas III.  Either way, I am, and my children, and their children, are descended from at least two knights, a few esquires, and at least one lord, all in the same line.

Want to see the house these people gave up to come to the wilderness of Virginia in the early 1600s?  Longner Hall.

I .. want .. a .. time .. machine. 


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