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“Are we in a gas crisis or are we in a gas guzzling crisis?”

Before we condemn the Hummer in front of us at the pump, consider that

  • we have a 200 year untapped supply of oil under our 50 states and offshore that would afford plenty of time to create other forms of energy freedom from fossil fuels.
  • the price of a barrel of oil reached an all time high this last week and the average cost of a gallon of gasoline went down 3 cents.  Was big oil asleep on the job?
  • Anwar was designated by a democratic congress and is totally approved for drilling by the Alaskan population.  The caribou you see in the anti-drill propaganda videos are no where near Anwar.
  • the amount of energy used to manufacture and operate a Hummer for three years is less than a Prius.

And most importantly:

When the last person has the last word, I’m still 24 miles from work, 22 miles from church, 10 miles from a grocery store, 27 from the nearest mall, driving a Buick and getting 21mpg on a good day.  Moving to a point halfway between our jobs solves the grocery store dilemna, maybe puts us closer to church.  Moving is not a practical option for a few years.  Neither is a Prius.  Or a Hummer. I vote to tap into what oil is already there and thoughtfully find a viable longlasting alternative such as wind power.  I heard on the news that the same town of Oak Ridge, TN, that hosted the research on the atom bomb is researching bio fuel alternatives.  I’d like to suggest to them that they could save the world if they could create a backyard pump’n’filter with a hose that would tap into my septic tank and fuel my car.  To answer your next question, the exhaust would not necessarily turn one’s car into a fartmobile.

It’s not just supply.  It’s not simply demand.  It’s political.


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