At long last

I have an air card affording me speeds upwards of 800 and more.  I was ready to save for Hughes Net but Sprint came through.  Verizon didn’t have the strength to reach my house.  If I moved across the road, yes, but not in our little pocket.

Whew-whew-whew.  As soon as I change a couple of email addresses on some online accounts, dial up is history.  Gone, gone.  No peek a boo.

The weekend is here and so is a minister candidate.  Different groups are looking at him and he’s looking at us all weekend.  My turn with the other elders’ wives is tomorrow morning after an 8:00 breakfast.

A bigger event this week, not a much fun as screening a minister, was finding out just how high my cholesterol is.  When the nurse says OMG when she opens the file, you know you didn’t study for your test.  I was reminded of the question asked of the British population.  “Would you exercise if your life depended on it?”  They weren’t too excited as long as the pills are there.  I hate pharmasuits.  Therefore the NordicTrack is in the living room in front of the television.  This morning was the first day of the rest of my life and it did indeed go faster on the Track with the TV and a cup of coffee.

“So how are you going to hold a cup of hot coffee while you work out?”  (Dirty look)  Caution: denying me coffee first thing in the morning could be hazardous to your health.

I have an appointment October 26th with a new doctor, a woman this time, to discuss whether to give it another 2 months of a diet and exercise effort after this initial 5 weeks or to add a low dosage prescription.  I have a few supplement ideas up my sleeve before I cave and 5 weeks to see if all 3 factors budge the number.  If you’re dying to know how high it can go and not drop you, email me.  Let’s just say the shuttle can go that high and still fly.

One (cross your fingers) benefit to walking for my future is trimming off some, hopefully all, of the exhausting, lumpy extra 50 pounds I’ve been hating for the last 6 years.  I’ve been angry and subsequently stressed out over the extra weight which is a contributing factor to its tenacity.  Now maybe I can just relax and Track-walk and walk and walk and walk.

But, life without potatoes is really going to tick me off.


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