Your face is going to grow like that

  • Get your arm inside the car before it falls off.
  • Stop popping your knuckles or they’ll get as big as your knees.
  • If you fall off that thing and break your neck, don’t expect any supper tonight.
  • You eat that and it’ll grow inside you.
  • You’ll shoot your eye out.

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love, is there?

All of the above works on kids once or twice and only when they’re little.  They won’t have bad dreams over it.  Not too many, anyway.  You have to think fast to get a kid to mind when a simply “No” ceases to function for a child who’s reasoning is flawed with inexperience.  Shock stops The Why Game when there’s no time to spare, when injury is imminent and they’re out of arm’s reach.  Besides, it’s fun in a sick and twisted sort of way.

As time continues to march across your face and waistline, your imagination has to give way to reason—

  • Smoking will increase your risk of cancer and suck the calcium out of your bones.
  • Drinking can ruin your life.
  • Don’t speed.
  • Get 8 hours sleep every night, even on weekends.
  • Pay cash.

Teen’s response:  Yeah, right.  Don’t you trust me?

When in doubt, which should be a lot, just say no.  Don’t waffle on this answer.  There hasn’t been enough time and experience to create a trust track record.  Say no and stand by it.  So you hurt their little feelings.  It’s better than identifying them in a morgue.

I don’t like being surprised with unpleasant circumstances when someone could have warned me of the consequences of my, or someone else’s behavior.

  • If the consequence of sticking my hand under or near a rock in the Arizona desert could result in a rattlesnake bite, won’t someone please say so?

Do you put a lock on your door just in case of a possible break-in?  Do you build your house with a roof just in case of rain?  Do you wear a seat belt in case some idiot didn’t listen to reason and is driving drunk?  Do you buy warm clothes for winter?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s reasonable to assume that the man who is anxious to kill you and everybody else, has said so repeatedly, and is coincidentally developing and testing nukes, just might try to do exactly that!  We are leaving ourselves as vulnerable as the posterior of a person with his head in the sand.  We are going about our daily lives as if nothing will happen.  We need to talk about it, research means of defense, have what it takes to batten down all hatches, and stock up for survival without communication or refrigeration in case of the EMP strike.

Do you think we need a border wall?

We need to contact our loved ones and make a plan much like we did when we told our kids that in case of house fire, run to Marilyn’s porch. Do not look back, ’cause if I don’t see you on that porch, all the firemen in town won’t keep me from going back in for you myself.

Jesus told us to occupy until He comes.  Be prepared for the worst and live like it won’t happen.  But don’t act surprised if it does.  Don’t get caught unprepared, worse, unsaved.

Jesus is coming for those who watch for Him.  The signs of His return are all around us.

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