bridge out

I used to live in Minneapolis-St.Paul.  Then I lived 60 miles west of The Cities and visited countless times.  I’ve been on that bridge ….. countless times. 

You have to have heard about the Interstate 35w bridge collapse over the Mississippi River between downtown Minnepolis and the University of Minnesota about 6pm, the heart of the rush hour.  It is incomprehensible.

Faith is driving across a bridge thinking nothing of anything but what’s on the radio and are we there yet. 

One particular memory from the fall of 1977 involves a blowout on the curve right before the I94 bridge over the same river less than a mile(?) from the bridge that went down.  We had a huge chromed 1970 Mercury, and my toddler son was running along the concrete sidewalk, controlled by Grandma Edna and Mommy, who was not quite showing evidence of carrying a second child, stranded inches from rush hour next to a bridge abuttment, Daddy changing the tire, a ham radio operator stopping to help.  Other than that specific incident in 1977, all bazillion Mississippi crossings ever, from the headwaters to Keokuk, Illinois, have been without incident.

My heart aches for the loss of life and the grief of those who lost their loved ones.  May the God of the universe, His Son, and the Holy Spirit comfort them.

I look at the screen in disbelief.  One of the reporters at the scene reported that just before the collapse one witness heard and saw a “blowing up” of what? smoke? concrete dust from the start of the fall? an explosion?

There are more questions than answers at this point.


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