Honey needs his own blog

Again, for the second time, I am inspired to report yet another communion meditation delivered by The Honey.  He’d given one on Father’s Day. Then, last night at Pastor Woodshop’s house, Pastor asked Honey to fill in for him.

Our Sunday morning study group is working on the last two chapters of Total Forgiveness.  Please go look.  During the discussion concerning forgiving oneself, it was pointed out that sometimes we need to distract ourselves from beating ourselves up.  Like the time I was papering the master bedroom years ago all by myself.  In order to keep from growing devil horns, I ran the gospel music non-stop and sang along.  It’s hard to cuss when you’re praising the Lord.  We also mentioned that Honey and I could trigger a murder/suicide by wallpapering together.  Music wouldn’t help.  You have to know your limits.

Normally, no one knows or cares when you’re sitting in your pity puddle unless you’re pouring your heart out on the phone.  But God cares.  And when we sit there and baste ourselves in pity and guilt, we are calling God a liar.  We’re telling God His plan of atonement on the cross was inadequate.  Yeah, he forgave me but I really need to make it up to Him. I really need to humble myself with sackcloth and ashes.  That’s wrong.  What we need to do is apply His absolute Grace to ourselves, let go and move on.  He has work for us to do.

Lord, forgive my unforgiveness toward myself. 

Honey doesn’t share his sermonettes with me, not even to edit grammar.  He hasn’t for years.  And that’s fine with me.  I really don’t want the responsibility of critique, risking getting between him and the Spirit, and he hasn’t disappointed me in as many years in MN or TN.  This morning’s was pretty good.

In a nutshell, he started out with our wallpapering dysfunction, fitting in with the sermon title, How to Have a Good Fight.  In his words, “it gets ugly.”  He was in front of over 250 people.  I was in sight of all of them on the platform sitting with the praise team.  What would another woman do?  Bury her head? Frown? Cry? Get up an walk off?  None of the above.  With my best Howdy Doody face on, I waved and nodded.  Yup.  We’re as normal as the rest of you.

He went on to say that over the course of doing it ourselves remodelling since the beginning, he had developed an ability to tape and plaster with ease and efficiency.  He loved the fact that he could repair and cover any imperfection or damage with a sweep of the trowel, let it set up and dry, and sand off the  rough edges in preparation of a new coat of paint, a fresh and clean surface.

You get it.  God offers us an opportunity to allow Him to repair, cover, sand, and give us a new and fresh start every time we let Him, every time we mess up and call out to Him.  We accept our new look, then we need to forgive ourselves and go forward through faith, covered in His Grace and love, singing along to the music every chance we get.

We have completed our first full coat of soft olive green in the kitchen.  Flowers are forever gone.  The cupboards rest easily into the warm new background like they’ve been refinished.  It’s taken since 1983, but I’ve come full circle into appreciating again the warmth of an earth color in my home.  I like it.  Don’t hold your breath for gold, rust, or paneling.  The 70’s ashes are still smokin’.

Honey, I would be happy to help you set up a site.


2 thoughts on “Honey needs his own blog

  1. Yes, I know you would help set up a blog, however, I’ll
    just enjoy reading others. Funny, you said it better than
    I did in church.

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