It didn’t used to be this hard

Since our first house purchase in 1973 I have papered, painted, ripped off paper and re-papered, re-bordered, more than 3 times per room.

Why is this seemingly simple kitchen project under way so tough?  Honey just reminded me I’m older than I used to be.  A pox on him.

What is taking me a month used to be accomplished in a ….. what? Day?  Weekend?  For some of these projects, I would call up my mom and ask her and dad to cruise 500 miles one way to watch the kids while I re-paper or paint.  On other occasions, I was babysitting 3 kids other than my own, let them run around, and painted this or that room or closet.

What’s changed?  Me. Up and down the ladder is slower, twisting into corners is more painful, and in the effort to clean off the trowel with my bare hands, I sliced my index finger open.  Owwww.  Don’t get blood in the paint.

I had the primer tinted a lighter shade than the paint I chose.  It is institutional green.  If you are over the age of 40, you know the shade of which I speak. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, institutional green.

Yet still, it’s better than the flowers.  It’ll do until I decide if I want to do the paint I chose, or go for a plain wallpaper similar but more sohpisticated, plus border.  I found a pretty perky kitcheny border I like.

I don’t want to estimate the percentage of primer coverage so far.  I’m way too tired.  I can tell you, however, that we will be smearing a little more each evening if we feel like it during the week. 

Next Saturday, Nancy and I are going to a shop called Book Heaven, located in a little strip mall just before you get to the Smoky Mountains via the back road to Gatlinburg.  Allegedly, they offer a pretty good deal on used books.

Then we go to her house to watch a movie on their brand new 42″ TV.

Kitchen?  Paint?  It will get done in our time.  Like my mom said, “In a hundred years, who’s gonna care?”


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