Friday of Dad’s Day weekend

As usual on a Friday, we are sedentary.  Honey received his Father’s Day gift from me in the mail, a book called Terry Tales, a history of Litchfield, MN, Honey’s hometown. He’s chuckling, the sofa is jiggling.  I guess it’s a big success.

He did take a minute or two to correct a seam in the kitchen, touch up acouple of other spots, and tomorrow I am allegedly scheduled to sand and prime.  By tomorrow night the wallflowers will be gone.

Sunday church will be sad as we have lost a faithful brother who had battled many heart attacks and related illnesses.  He and his quick wit will be sorely missed.  Yet, in the spirit of continuity and celebration of life, we will honor the fathers as we do every year, the children distributing the tokens of appreciation.

Rather than battle the restaurants and cafeterias, we choose to head home and grill a couple of ribeyes.  This is all the man asks. Oh, yes….

The kids will call and hopefully the babies can be lasso’d to say Hi Poppy.


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