Can’t pull back the ripples

Sixty-odd years ago, our nation gave everything it had to give to secure international peace, and in particular, our Bill of Rights.  The price of freedom is blood.  The trick, according to the 20th century’s greatest general, George Patton , is to use force more forcefully than the enemy (my summary).

War, following a long period of peacetime, a time long enough to produce 2-3 peacful generations like has happened since world war II, is intolerable and beyond comprehension let alone a consensual approval with full support.  WWII was only 25 years since The War to End All Wars.  People remembered and knew what had to be done.  People under 45 have Viet Nam and movies as touch points.  A  woman who was an immigrant from England shortly before the war broke out was asked if we could get our pride back like we had in the 40’s.  She said a stone had been thrown in the lake.  You can’t pull back the ripples.  But …. our world as we know it, namely free, depends on our doing exactly that.  That requires unity and sacrifice. We must pull our country back.

Time to research and review.  Time to honor our greatest generation, many of whom are now old, with respect. It’s time to learn from them and time is short.  We have a new, old  enemy with the same hatred, equal ambitions, and a revived agenda against Jews and Christians as Hitler’s.  They’ve repeatedly told us they want us dead, they mean business and they love shedding blood. 

Check out my new link on the sidebar under History for a timeline of WWII.  It’s a mind blower.  Click here  to read the text of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s broadcasted announcement of the implementation of what we have called D-Day, Operation Neptune, followed by prayer.  I’ve heard the audio twice and it is moving.  Those who remembered hearing it live wept.

If you could read this, thank a teacher.  It’s English. Thank a veteran.


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