A new noun for intense fundamentalist. I love it! It’s bestowed upon radical Bible thumpers by a popular radio talk show host who otherwise bears conservative traits. He delivers this as sharp stinging criticism to describe rigidly intolerant people who refuse to listen to anyone who does not believe that the earth is only 6000 years old (I don’t want to waste time worshiping a God who CAN’T create something in 7 days), the Bible is the infallible inspired word of God (I can’t decide which parts to cross out so it all has to be accurate), and that life begins at conception (what — you think the little fella molds his brain, heart etc. from a blob during the birth process?). Let’s toss the new religion of global warming onto the playing field. (It’s the new crock’o’crap).

I think I’ll embrace this new title as my own as a matter of pride the same way the first century church adopted the slur of “Christian” spewed with a sneer. Okay, I’m a Turbo Fundie! I fit the above description except for the not listening part and am not the least bit ashamed. I’ll be glad to talk about it and politely stop talking about it by request but I refuse to compromise my stands and be that lukewarm twaddle that God spews from His mouth. As for the intolerant part, I generously tolerate your right to your opinion without changing mine. Until laws against hate speech and hate thoughts are passed by this supposedly tolerant left congress and senate prohibiting any disagreements, we can both hold steadfastly to our opinions, and freely discuss them or not discuss them. I have the advantage of prayer on my side if indeed you steadfastly disagree with needing a savior.

Turbo Fundie. This is great. I love it. Where can I get a Tshirt? Or a coffee mug?


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