We interrupt this family friendly blog for a reality check.

If you hear it from a TV drama, it must be true especially if a courtroom is included. Who needed to go to school when Perry Mason was on prime time? Or Matlock! How could Sheriff Taylor speak anything but absolute truth?

I make sure I watch Boston Legal on Tuesday nights. I love the high wit, the characters, the plot twists, and especially Denny Crane, the token Republican. Played by William Shatner, he is portrayed to be a funny buffoon and somewhat out of whack in his relationships and job performance. Unfortunately, his quirks were applied to his political opinions this last episode.

This week the writers dealt with Guantanamo Bay and torture. Apparently a sophisticated, handsome man of middle eastern origin was handed over to the US military for a reward by the Afganis. He was then subjected to torture, defined as sleep deprivation, relentless interrogation, sexually related humiliation (sounds like a frat house hazing) and a hood over his head. He was not offered a lawyer. The fact that he was not a US citizen, which would otherwise include entitlement to a lawyer was not mentioned. Neither was his head cut off even once nor was the possibility of that included in the standard Gitmo package, a package of demands including a shiny new K’uran, a prayer rug, a prayer schedule, foot baths, and religiously approved food, or that in gratitude, the real life Gitmor inmates curse, vow death to Satan America, urinate on the guards and throw feces.

Does no one remember 9/11? Has everyone forgotten what kind of people we are dealing with? Do 35% of those democrats polled last week really believe President Bush knew of and approved the 9/11 attacks? If that’s true, what US president knew of and approved the 1993 bombing of the WTC and the attack on the USS Cole? Did George Bush know of and approve the 1979 kidnapping in Tehran during Jimmy-I-love-Hugo-Carter’s administration? What about the other 13 attacks between 1979 and 2001?

Consider also the information we’ve been given from tactical interrogation in Gitmo. You have to have your head buried in CNN 24/7 to not be aware of the many plots that have been foiled from this information.

Denny Crane responded to Allan’s concerns for the world wide oppressed with “We (meaning conservative US leaders) can’t police the world and we just don’t care.” Well, shame on him and the writers. The US has always cared and has made every possible attempt to police the world. Where would the world be without our foreign aid this last 60 years or so? He’s right that it’s not possible to police the world but he’s wrong that we don’t care.

I care. I care that Saddam murdered 300,000 of his own people before we really did accomplish the mission of taking him out of power. (A mission in a war environment is not the whole of the war). I care that a Muslim government is torturing and killing thousands of Christians in Sudan. I care that a violent ideology is infesting nations in which people want to live and let live. The enemy of the west is not only using Baghdad as a front in what they see as a war against the west (since the west’s military is in Baghdad), they’re all over the middle east and here in the US, quietly holding post, waiting for the cry to mobilize. That cry will happen very shortly after we pull out of Iraq. First, they take Iraq, then they come here. Or, they’re so organized, the action is simultaneous. I didn’t think that up. The enemy has been saying it since 1979.

When was the last time a Christian group cut off a head on video and bragged about it?


One thought on “We interrupt this family friendly blog for a reality check.

  1. Global Warming could maybe kill us in a hundred (or a thousand) years, but terrorists could do it tomorrow. Now, let’s see, which should be the more important issue?

    Is there something that I’m missing with the above logic?

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