Let there be light!

I have my light over the stove back.

The microwave that came with the house was a GE over-the-stove with a dual speed fan, a timer, two lights, and a thing that tells time. What a deal. It died, but within warranty which goes against all universal time-continuum laws, however, we replaced it with an identical unit which also died. It wasn’t one of the bells or beepers that died, it was the part of the microwave that, well, microwaved. Both times. You know, this is hard for me to comprehend since my Litton that I bought in 1977 was still working fine when we sold the house in 1998. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

The second time we tolerated the failure and continued to use the fan, the lights, the timer and the thing that tells time. On the opposite counter was a $89 special from K-Mart that has continued to work just fine. It, too, has a thing that tells time but shows a miserable zero on the clock part as we have other such devices elsewhere in the house and haven’t panicked over lack’o’clock in the kitchen

This winter we removed a part of the countertop that was blocking traffic and poking anyone it could with the corner that stuck out into the turn area and replaced it with a seven foot tall cabinet Honey cooked up in the wood shop. There went a good 3 square feet of counter top surface making the newer microwave pretty much in the way. Logic prevailed. Keep reading.We put the mostly non-functional unit on the porch as most people in East Tennessee do. Honey built a shelf over the stove for the new baby mic freeing up counter space but oops, there went the light source with the old unit, although it was not a big loss since the left light had burned out and the right one had greased up so badly it no longer qualified as a night light.

It took a few weeks but I stopped at Lowe’s and came home with a light to mount under the shelf over the stove. Honey mounted it just 15 minutes ago and what we are cooking can now be seen from the space shuttle which is good. No, Virginia, it is not a night light any more.

I can now see exactly how badly I am destroying the food.

Praise the Lord! It is now easier to convince the Master of the House that I am inept and should not be trusted with burners and food.

Criminal Minds is on and I must leave you. What does that tell you? That you need to be in continued prayer for me? I hope so.


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