That is the one thing we all looked for when we planned our weddings. Few choose a street corner, right? I wanted to complete my transition to adulthood by wedding in the home town 500 miles away from where I lived at the time. I would do it differently now. In fact I would have done it differently approximately 20 minutes after we arrived in town.

We live near one of the wedding chapel capitals of the world. There are chapels 20 feet from heavy traffic, chapels on mountain tops overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains, one with a drive through window, and the Chapel ‘O’ Love on a strip with a pizza place, a laundromat, and a car wash. “Hey Babe, I’ll pay the preacher, then go wash the car while you order the pizza. Here, grab my socks, Sweet Cheeks. Toss ‘em in the washer on the way.” Whenever anyone from out of state comes to visit, we make a special trip so they can take a picture.

Remember the 60s and the flower children? Some were married on hilltops in their flowers and beads, barefoot. I’m all for scenic views, but being barefoot before the vows wasn’t on my list.

Our daughter chose Mandalay Bay, recently redecorated, spacious and elegant. So little to go wrong. Someone else decorates, you choose the package, you walk in, get married, walk out, no clean up, no headaches. Just pay the man. In this case, we posed for pictures and proceeded to a penthouse suite (or is that “sweet” as in “view”) for the reception.

When most of the guests have to fly from somewhere anyway, this is The Way to Go.

Photos will be shared soon. I’m in the process of setting up online access. Since my internet provider is Dinosaur Dial-up, it takes a while.


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