Henry and Doris ride again

(The skits performed were written for us and it was only after that was I informed of these names as characters from the 70’s under the general title Pillars of the Assembly. I have no current access to that material.)

Our alter egos are assigned a discussion on worrying, my best and most polished talent. Every time I fool myself into believing I am resting in Jesus, here comes another reminder of my true self. Really, though, give me a break. I worry only when I truly believe there’s something to worry about, like the sky falling. Or a meteor. Or something. I am so conscious of trying not to “worry my prayers” that sometimes they start and stop with “Hi, Lord.”

I have much on my mind, most of which is linked with procrastination. It’s a tightly locked cycle. Please don’t throw a scripture at me; I’m having a tough enough time getting slapped upside the head with studying James in our Sunday School class.

As the scene opens Henry and Doris are as usual brickin’ ‘n’ bickerin’ in the living room, ready to throw barbs at each other even before the starting bell. Our script writer is very sensitive about our making any re-writes or condensing the dialog for easy memorization (which is one more thing for me to worry over) that Henry has his script in his newspaper and Doris has hers in a magazine.

We do, however, have some leeway with our costuming and total free reign with attitudes and making faces.

In this episode, Henry is having fun goading Doris with all the bad news he can find in the newspaper, all of which Doris panics over. Her repetitive line at the end of every spoken thought is “it just worries me to death.”

I won’t give it all away just in case some of my readers are church members, but I will say that a couple of curlers, a pair of Honey’s socks, and a how-to-be-beautiful magazine are involved.

Showtime is March 4th so I have a few days to work up a sweat. Oh-m-gosh! I’ve invited the preachers over March 2! What’ll I do? What’ll I do? Better, what’s Honey going to cook? What’s Honey going to cook?


14 thoughts on “Henry and Doris ride again

  1. Hi, I came across your webside when I googled Doris and Henry. I have been desperately searching for either a recording of the “Pillars of the Assembly” that is an album of several of the Doris and Henry skits or just the transcripts would do. I used to have a recording that I taped from an old album, but over the years I have loaned it out and can’t remember who has it or if they returned it…….you know how it is. I found the cassette case, but alas, no tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Fellow Christ follower,
    Amy Thorne
    Bedford, IN

  2. Hi. I am looking for a copy or transcripts of the pillars of the assemby.My tape broke .If you can help we would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I also am looking for a copy of a recording of “Pillars of the Assembly”. I used to have a copy but over the years it has been misplaced or loaned out to someone and I cannot find it. I would really appreciate some help with this.

    Thanks a lot,

  4. Every church should have a copy of Pillars of the Assembly ! I too am looking for a copy of this great comedy, is there anyone there who can give me direction in purchasing this comedy routine?

    A Canadian,

  5. I just got off the phone with the real “Henry”. I am talking to him about making available some of the old recordings of the “Pillars of the Assembly”. The couple now lives in North Carolina. He told me they made 3 different albums and a VHS Video.

    He has all of the Henry & Doris and other drama scripts available. I am hopeful that he will be able to offer some of their recordings in the soon future.

    Steve Steiner

  6. I would like to know how I can obtain the Doris and Henry skits. I had one of their cassettes some years ago and lost it and have tried finding it for some time now. I hope you can help me with this. I appreciate you assistance in any way with this.
    Brenda McGranahan

  7. I am like so many others that have wrote in. I too had a cassette and lost it. I would love too have a copy of it again.
    Dennis Baum

  8. Like everyone else, my mom and I have been looking for a way to obtain recordings of Doris and Henry. We had a tape several years ago and believe we lost it during a move. I am unsure where we first obtained the tape and unsure of how to get another one. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I too have lost my copy of Henry and Doris
    on Pillars of the Assembly. I have laughed many
    times at their comments. I would like to know where and how to obtain another copy.

    Thanks, Robert Collins
    Boone, North Carolina

  10. I love this comedy I tried to buy this using the website but couldn’t any info on how too please inform me on how to do so i love to get all three products thanks.

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