I’ve had fun with personal posts, things that have been going on. But face it. My life is not that spell-binding. I’m not leaving the blogasphere but I am going to speak more from my heart occasionally here and in comments “out there.”

You’ve noticed from my sidebar that I have an interest in prophecy. I love putting pieces together probably because I have a deep need to understand. The conclusions don’t have to be pleasant but I need them. Wisdom dictates that once a conclusion is made, especially if it is speculative, there must be room for lots of flexibility for change.

So bear with me. If there are topics in Bible prophecy you just aren’t prepared to discuss, so be it. However, I must.

I promise to keep one foot in reality. Being my father’s daughter, I can’t resist having fun and poking fun. With equal passion, I will address matters of concern to me. I don’t ask you to agree, I do ask you not to throw flames and spears. That’s not fun. But if you want to pull up a rock at the campfire, poke the embers, count the stars, and sing along, I’ll bring the marshmallows.

That’s what Across the Flow means.


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