Gonna do it this weekend!!

The day I realized we were getting new flooring, I bought two boxes. My choices were simple. Either pull out the evil charge card and get all the boxes I needed or interrogate the sales associate aka clerk to confirm that we can come in once a week for the next 3 or 4 weeks and pick up another box off the huge pile in stock. “Yes, ma’am.” (There’s that horrible m word again.)

Honey approved of the pattern and at the end of the week on payday, stopped at Lowe’s and picked up another box. Wrong pattern. No matter. Exchange it tomorrow on the way to work. I saw the email when I got to work. “They’re out of our choice and won’t have it in again for two weeks.” Well, two weeks is about right for our schedule, but maybe the Lowe’s out my way has it. Two or nine emails later, we decided that since I was putting in some OT and since Honey was going to the shop anyway, he would pick up another box. One box. But, what if ……. No, just one at a time like we agreed.

Fortunately, the supply wasn’t sold out over the last 10 days and we have acquired another box. We have plenty to cover at least the walk ways.

I was getting rather used to the plywood look, primitive, but artsy in a quilty sort of way, varied with a spray of coffee and adventurously topped with microscopic shards of glass achieved by flinging in an impressively wide arc a cheap glass tumbler from the exterior water and ice access in the freezer door. Two of those glittery charmers attached to my left foot.

Honey sealed the seams with some grey goop, will snap a few chalk lines tomorrow evening, and smear the primer first thing Saturday. I’ll have to think fast to move the coffeepot to I-don’t-know-where-yet.

I think I’ll go to the video rental store and look for The Best of HGTV or maybe Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We’ll see how it goes.

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