Pardon me, your slip is showing

and other verbosity.

I am not aware of being currently acquainted with anyone who wears a slip. I don’t ask. I fear it has gone the way of the unicorn and the pantaloon. I was going to say corset, but I do know someone — never mind. And it’s not me!

The arrival of the new Sears and Roebuck catalog was a banner day. That meant that Mom would be lazily thumbing through it and we got the old one to play Paper Dolls. We would clamor for the models in the lingerie slip section, looking for the ones with feet, always properly clad in black pumps. Then we would search the dress section to build a fine wardrobe. We called the exercise Cut-Outs. I have neither explanation nor judgement on the correctness of the terms. Some say soda, some say pop. To say one’s slip was showing meant that there was something they failed to hide and was a cause for embarrassment. That phrase, too, with the demise of the common use of the garment, has lost it’s origin.

Terminology can be regional and/or associated with the socio-economic level. It’s also directly related to what decade the speaker attended grade school. Others call it grammar school. Is that an age related term or a regional one? Who calls the evening meal dinner and who calls it supper? Why? Which is correct and to whom is either correct?

I listen to a lot of talk radio. Therefore, I hear a lot of people from all over call in with their opinions. Many times I can tell you if they are over 50 or under 25 by the speed of their speech and their terminology. Their grammar, diction, and vocabulary betrays whether they learned to read and speak through phonics or sight reading or if they were interested in reading more than comic books.

All of my statements are general, so don’t get hot and quote “Judge not!” at me. I hear what I hear and sometimes what I hear annoys the beejeepers out of me because these people’s thoughts are intelligent but their manner of expression and its content would cause Henry Higgins to hang himself. Many terms and phrases that annoy me are not the result of poor education or a limited environment — what would that be? somewhere where there is not and never has been a radio, television, or textbook? There are phrases that have been invented or are so overused they are ready for Mom’s ragbag. These permeate society and are used by the speaker to sound professional but shine only in the arena of redundancy.

Some of the phrases I most want to purge forever from the planet include but are not limited to:

EggZakkleee! The first and consistently only response to someone who has just agreed with the speaker.

BaaaySicklee — A word used to introduce literally every summarizing statement of which there may be six until the host interrupts.

Y’know what I mean? Added to the end of every expressed thought in order to evoke feedback, which could soon be, in my case, regurgitation.

And the reason I say that is Precedes each subsequent sentence but the reason itself is never revealed.

Like Inserted like everywhere.

Y’know Reference “like.”

Foe-cusss, ishyoo, team player, feedback, paradigm, are tired and need to be alternated once in a while. All have been used as shrouds of authority to elevate oneself and intimidate those who don’t need to impress.

Those last few are useful, but you have to admit, ready for rotation.

And would someone please, please translate SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER spoken to evoke an Ooo or an Ahh and a knowing nod of the head. That one has to be the ultimate prize winning height of pomposity that I have ever heard!

What are your biggest verbal peeves?

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