Welcome to my new page

It’s free.  What can I say?  All the posts from Typepad have been imported, sorted, snorted, and stored.  I’m still nesting, getting used to the new layout.

Today is a don’t bother me day.  So far, I’ve boxed the tree for another 11 months, and signed up for a website to sell my baby blankets and Honey’s woodworking stuff.  It seems like a lot to go through for what is so far a low inventory hobby.  Hopefully, we can get the camera organized soon and add items around the house, like books or .. or .. we aren’t there yet.

As soon as the domain name is locked in, I will post it here.  In the meantime, have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new page

  1. Hi- we were at friends last night and they played an old tape of Doris and Henry skits – probably from the early 80’s – or late 70’s. It was originally on an 8-track tape. It was really hilarious and we would love to find out more about these recordings – are they still around – are there more – when were they originally recorded??? I did a Google search and found your web page. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!

    God Bless, Jill

  2. Jill, our scriptwriter, knows of the old skits and has seen two of them. She, too, would love to find them. But they aren’t the same storylines. She is given a subject from the minister, writes a script basing the characters on a couple she knows well, and probably out of fond memories, has named the characters Henry and Doris. Keep me posted on your search. I had no idea until you commented.

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