How did you find your Christmas?

With a flashlight!  How did you find yours?

I concur with Jim’s Christmas prayer over the candle lit dinner as stated in Angie’s Real Blog: Thank you, Lord, for friends that are like family and family that are friends.

The candle light part of it was not planned.

It feels like we grew up with Jim and Nancy even though we met in 1998.  We know their girls and their families as friends as well as feeling like relatives by association.  Through the blogasphere, one of their daughters is connected with my daughter-in-law.  Ever heard the expression it’s a small world?  (Oh, no! The song started up and won’t go away for hours!).

I’d better get back to the candle light Christmas dinner.

Christmas morning, Honey and I slept in, opened our gifts, made breakfast, I worked on a blanket to Christmas music, we watched yet another sappy Christmas movie on Lifetime, and kept an eye on the clock waiting for a socially acceptable time to go to Knowles’ without being too early.  4pm, Nancy had the pies done, the ham ready for plattering, the tea made, and as we chatted, I rolled the chicken breast strips in the pecan mixture for baking.  As 6:00 came and went, we set the tables and waited for the rest of the crowd who is collectively late but, oh well.

I’ve associated with all of these family members as friends at church gatherings, in choir, etc, but seldom have had the privilege of dining with all of them together in a family atmosphere.  I felt pretty special to be included in a definitive setting of family …… um …. chaos.  But, if you know my family gatherings, you know it was familiar territory.

Table’s set, china’s in place, ice is in the stemware, that chicken smells great and (phooonk) it’s blacker than a black cat in a coal bin with its eyes shut.  Buddy, I am sitting stone still ‘cuz I am inches from the china.  It is mere moments later when all the participants arrive within seconds of each other.  Let me think, uhhh, 14, including a pre-teen and two really short people who miraculously didn’t get squished.

And they’re off!!  Poppy! Is Gramma bringing my flashlight? Is it ok to light these or are they for decoration only?  Go ahead.  Here’s a flashlight from the shed. Yikes, it’s a dang searchlight —– looks like a train coming at us!  How about we light a fire in the fireplace? Are you crazy? It’s 60 degrees outside! Honey, don’t shine it in people’s eyes. I’ll go get all the candles I can find from the garage. Honey, stop shining that in my eyes. This reminds me of the Christmas Eve service last night when a third of the candles wouldn’t stay lit.  I said not to shine it in my eyes, honey.  Somebody shine one in the oven. Can I blow out this candle? No.

Everyone found a place to sit and enjoyed a wonderful meal.  BTW, I need the salad recipe and the pecan chicken recipe.  (Like, I cook. phfft)  Get it for me anyway.  Midway throught the meal, the power was restored at which point, Jeff moved from lamp to lamp and room to room excluding only the dining room where the kids were eating and turned off the lights.

Chatter, giggles, Scattagories.  Oh, and that big white boxy thing in the kitchen is a RE-frigerator unless you refer to it consistently by its brand name, Frigidaire.

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