What a week

It’s been a whirlwind 10 days since we took off for a whirlwind weekend with our kids.  The weekend was way too short but full of fun.We played Tunnel, a simple game with few components.  Unfold what looks like a multi-colored igloo.  Insert grandparent and/or grandchild.  (However, this is Daddy in the photo) play-tunnel.jpgGrandchild may enter and exit at will through the igloo-like tunnel entrance.  Toss Winnie the Pooh into hole in top so grandparent can immediately throw it out the top.  Grandchild giggles.  An additional grandparent administers The Creepy Crawler, a creature that resembles the index and second finger of either hand.  The Creepy Crawler, also known as the tweeper-twawler.jpgTweepy Twawler, is to “walk” all over the outside of the igloo/tunnel.  Grandchild giggles.  Tweepy Twawler may also penetrate the security of the igloo/tunnel through the side flap and attempt to attack either the grandparent or the grandchild.   The only way to defeat TT is to grab and chew on it.  TT squeals and temporarily retreats.  Grandchild giggles.  Repeat this process until the grandchild becomes bored or one or both of the grandparents’ joints freeze to the hardwood floor.  This simple game may be played again and again at the request of the grandchild or if a grandparent feels it is needed as a distraction from any crisis that may present itself at any time of the day or night.Additional entertainment was provided by the four month old, Owen, chewing on a defenseless and unsmiling polar bear’s face.  aug-06-at-randys-030.jpg During this simple process, Owen’s feet rapidly trampolined the air and he made loud squeals and growls while shaking his head in imitation of a puppy destroying a forbidden slipper.  When the polar bear is given a rest, anyone’s finger or face that gets too close received the same response.  You’ve been gummed.  Poppy was the biggest prize winner in terms of conversations with Owen.  Baby just couldn’t say it all, fast enough or loud enough.  Grandparents giggle.aug-06-at-randys-025.jpgBesides enjoying the grandbabies, we managed to find time to visit with their parents.  We cooked, baked, ate, talked, shopped, played cards, took in an old Christmas movie, and were privileged to share in the annual tree hunt.  None of those fake trees like the grandparents have had every year but two since 1973!  Daddy, Mommy, and Poppy sped over the river and through the traffic, braving the cold into the wilderness for the sake of kith and kin …. ok, the truth.  It’s too cold to take either of the boys, they’re napping, Nanny keeps the nap watch from the La-Z-Boy, the three of them zoom to the farm, walk up to the best tree, snap a picture, cut it down, pay for it, and head back to the house in record time.  You just don’t mess around in that kind of weather.aug-06-at-randys-009.jpg aug-06-at-randys-014.jpg We played with cars.  Then we watched Cars.  Cars, the movie, for 3 year olds is an opiate to rival any mind altering substance, legal and illegal.  As it was in the days after the release of the original Star Wars to VHS, it’s like Lays potato chips – you can’t watch it just once.  I plan to buy my own copy.

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aug-06-at-randys-006.jpg     aug-06-at-randys-022.jpg  aug-06-at-randys-063.jpg internet-pic.jpgOh, yes.  Daddy read The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher a little kn0wn story written in the ’70s and long since out of print.  It was given to Randy when he was 3, and has been an integral part of ourChristmases every year since.  Now he reads it to his children.

We’ll see you again soon, boys.


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