What do you think about how to dress for church?

Let’s talk. When the professional women on TV shows like the CSIs are bringing rapists to justice and their own tops are so low cut the FCC says they can’t raise their arms, our society continues to receive the mixed message that it’s ok to bare more than our souls but nobody gets to stare or glance.

Dear Abby: Can I wear my swim trunks to church? My answer is “I don’t want to know what you’re wearing under your clothes.”

My favorite line from Resurgence’s post is

When Jesus says that people judge the outward but God is looking at the heart, does that mean that as long as women don’t show up in clear heels looking like they need an aluminum pole to dance around, appearance is really a secondary matter?

Our youth leaders work so hard to present the gospel to our children. Then, when puberty attacks, MTV tells them that sex is love and love is sex and they dress the part. Our boys too see the costuming as normal. How do they keep their eyes off the girls’ body parts and on Jesus? Do they even think they should?

Check out The No Kool Aid Zone. In my comment I suggest that maybe the older women who should be examples to the young girls don’t know how to dress themselves. I gave the example of the mature woman with mature cellulite having poured herself into stretch pants. She’s covered but with what? Paint? See also the reference to choir robes at the door.

Click continue to get my take on it then let me know your thoughts.

I have personally progressed reluctantly from young and firm to all Shock and no Awe, from belts and waistbands to Muu Muus and lycra. As an eye witness, I can tell you that the woman in the painted pants is probably unaware of the kind of attention she is attracting. Yet she could be one of the critics who is concerned with the exposure of flesh in the youth group.

I don’t let the men off the hook either. Before you talk to a young man about his flip-flops, lip pierces or multiple earrings, check to see if your shirt has pulled up over your belly or your buttons are ready to part company with the button holes.

Getting past sloppiness and a degree of disgust, the concern for the youth has to to with immodesty and inappropriate exposure that may set them up for a fall, not to mention the distraction. Not even the old are above temptation, thoughts being sins too.

Temptation. The enemy is so good at disguising it in terms of self-expression, freedom, fashion, hypocracy, jealousy.

Cover up the fun parts that should be reserved for privacy in a marriage setting. Don’t outline or emphasize them either. How prudish is that? How simple.

So how do we communicate the modesty message without turning them away?


3 thoughts on “What do you think about how to dress for church?

  1. Tough question!

    Supposedly, the mature Christians in a church would set a godly example for others to imitate and follow. This would include dress standards.

    Sadly, what we call mature in the church world has little to do with being mature in Christ.

    So, what should you wear to communicate your modesty message? Try sack cloth and ashes.

  2. I believe that part of what I’m after here is an expose of hypocracy as well as a light on careless appearance. Seriously, short of a burqa, my suggestion is, for women, hems at or below the knee, necklines above the fullness mark and fabrics loose enough so as not to stretch around … anything! Must there be eye candy everywhere? In those circumstances, if a man allows his imagination to “see through” even a burqa, he has a problem with or without women in the room.

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