The Single Most Important Issue on the Ballot

You thought I was going to say Homeland Security, didn’t you? That’s a biggie. Without it, the US is toast and we run a huge risk of dying with it. That’s not it. However, for what it’s worth, I have the following introduction to submit for your perusal.

“the New York Times has put on the front page the fact that Iraq had a
nuclear weapons program and was plotting to build an atomic bomb as
early as the early nineties! We see this. It’s plain as day. The New
York Times confirms that in 2002 Saddam’s scientists were on the verge
of building an atom bomb and that they were as little as a year away,
and if we hadn’t eliminated that threat — they don’t say this, but had
we not eliminated that threat, today we might be facing a nuclear armed
Iraq.”(From the EIB Network.)

oh…. I guess there were WMDs after all. It says so in the New York Times. They want it both ways.

We’re down to the wire, boys and girls. The decisions of the people you put in office with your tiny little vote will not only represent what you want them to do from your perspective, their decisions will have had your support from what you know they will do from their own statements and promises, from the record’s perspective.

Before 1979 we swallowed the mainstream media information whole without question. With our fingers in our ears and our eyes shut, we went about our lives as if by turning the channel to Leave It To Beaver, all was well. We’ve been treating politics less as a valid topic for analysis, and more of a sports tournament, a game.

My parents voted straight ticket. At the top of the paper ballot was a box next to the name of the party. Put an X in that and badda-bing you are out-o-there. Here comes subsequent generations convinced that voting intelligently is voting for individuals who believe what they believe even if their votes cross party lines. They walk out of the booth, mentally saluting themselves as if they and other intelligent thinkers have just saved the union. I used to think that way and it would be really comforting if I could still believe it. That works only when the elected officials keep their word and don’t change their minds constantly. This year I will vote for what I know the candidates have stated and stand for. What I don’t know won’t be my responsibility at this point. But, what does the party stand for? What has the party stood for and consistently supported?

: When the candidates get to the chamber, they vote with their party into the +90th percentile brackets — consistently. Whichever way the party leaders are leading, there goes the nominal flock if they want to maintain their invitations to the upwardly mobile cocktail parties. (All but some turncoat Republicans on only the most critical issues, the weenies).

My strategy is ……….

…single issue and has been since the original Roe v. Wade decision. (I hear the groaning and moaning even now). Read on ….. it’s an easy explanation.

America is not God’s Little Pet. Our nation having been founded on Judeo-Christian principles, we are His subjects. In effect, we traded submission to the crown of England for a promise to be what God’s Instruction Manual said we should be, more or less. Our future hangs on that last phrase, “more or less.”

Stay true to decency according to God’s Word and thrive, both as a nation and as an individual. Supporting Israel is part of equation, nationally and individually. Giving the life He gives us a priority value is part of the equation. Defending our principles as well as our family is part of the equation.

Instead, our socialist judges and supreme court justices have been flipping Him off since FDR as a group, and before that, individually.

One year, I stood for maybe 5 straight minutes in a voting booth with pencil poised in mid air over the names of the candidates for governor of Minnesota. I mentally sifted through all I’d been told about where they stood on economic issues, the environment, etc. ad nauseum. They both supported a woman’s right to choose abortion anytime.

As I stared at the names, I saw myself standing face to face with Jesus during the purifying trial by fire that will be held for each individual Christian after we’ve been rescued from the tribulation, before His triumphant Second Coming at the end of that 7 years. It is then that all our deeds will be judged. It is that judgment that will design our crown or lack of it. What will my IRA have to do with anything then?

I imagined His hands cupping my face, and Him telling me when I gave to the poor, when I tended the ill, fed the hungry, cheered the sad, or defended the weak and helpless.

Who is more weak and helpless than a tiny embryo visible only to God, “…fearfully and wonderfully made…” Ps.139:13-16, with its own heartbeat, circulatory system, brain waves, and fingerprints, all criteria in a courtroom to define identification and viability as a human being? I don’t want to look into the eyes of those brutally dismembered treasures crying out to me whose tortured murder I personally not only allowed but endorsed with my conscious vote.

Statistically, very few abortions have been performed in anticipation of saving a mother’s life compared to the millions of abortions of choice. Will someone answer me this simple question? If a woman has a right to choose if her baby lives or dies by simple virtue of default guardianship, why is Andrea Yates in custody?

  • Over 38 million potential moms/dads/voters/taxpayers’ body parts have been flushed into sewers since 1972.
  • In the 21st century would a 41 year old woman with 2 children and a husband working for less than minimum wage as a hired hand be tempted to legally and justifiably rid herself of an unwanted pregnancy so her family would have a better chance at a higher quality of life? That was my mother in 1949. Thanks for life, Mom.

The key word was I “knew” what the candidates believed. I laid down the pencil and walked out. It was the least I could do for the least of these.


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