Happy Halloween

No philosophy, no history lesson.  It’s all ugly and negative.  Rather, nostalgia. 

The photo album on the right is a group snapshot of some of the fun we had with the kids when they were short adorably little.  At least 3 times, maybe more, we were invited to a house party or a party at the church and dove in with them in costume.

Poor Brenda did have to wear the devil suit 3 years in a row.  One, we couldnt’ go out and buy seasonal stuff for four, maybe one, not four.  The suit was given to us, and our Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes were borrowed, the pinstripe suit and hat were borrowed.  Two, I wasn’t the mom who could whip out the sewing machine and create a fire breathing dragon that moved its tail.  I SOLD that rotten machine and danced about the house for the joy of it.

Poor Randy never did like my one and only attempt at creativity, the bee suit.  We have his face captured on film to prove it.  He too had to wear it more than one year.

Pass the torch, kids.  Teach your young tolerance and give them space to improve their Halloweens with their kids!

Why, In My Day —  Halloween always caught Mom by surprise.  I could never figure that one out.  She had and used her sewing machine on other occasions but slipped up on that one.  On more than one Halloween,  I wore a sheet, a paper bag, a hobo stick and bag, or a plastic Pluto the Dog suit.  The best one was 5th grade.  I begged, I pleaded and at last Mom caved and let me dress up as a gypsy.  We had the skirt, the scarf, bracelets, the works.  The part she didn’t like was

A. I looked too grown up and
B. the look required makeup.  (Noooooo, not makeup, not the evil lipstick, not the trashy nail polish!!!)  YES!

I won first prize too, a silver dollar!

So click on the album and share in a time when we were young enough to participate with our kids and capture the magic.


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