Don’t you dare say that about me!!

* January 25, 1993 * February 26, 1993 * March 12, 1993 * July 18, 1994 * July 19, 1994

* July 26, 1994 * December 11, 1994 * December 24, 1994 * January 6, 1995

* June 14—June 19, 1995 * July—October, 1995 * November 13, 1995 * November 19, 1995

* January 1996 * February 25 – March 4, 1996 * June 11, 1996 * June 25, 1996

* February 24, 1997 * November 17, 1997 * January 1998 * February 14, 1998

* August 7, 1998 * August 31 – September 22, 1998 * December 1998 * December 14, 1998

* December 24, 1998 * January 2000 * August 8, 2000 * August 17, 2000

* October 12, 2000


What do these dates mean? Were they a series of 30 wake-up calls that were ignored? Yes. And by whom? Everybody in charge, including the press. And was the press told how to spin them? Or does the press control the spin?
The last few days of wrangling over a movie based on the findings of the very panel of alleged bi-partisan politicians (that’s an oxymoron!) has shown me who influences those who give us our information. If that’s the new 60 year old norm, we need to change the bill of rights to read “selective free speech.”

A small group of people in government positions have pressured ABC to modify or pull the movie or else. Or else……………. well, just remember this when FCC license renewals come up. Never mind that stations are licensed, not networks.

That’s a socialist tactic.

Or else ………….. we’ll sue for defamation of character. (Honey, that’s a slam dunk for the defense.) Go ahead, make my day.

In November of ’04 CBS had scheduled a movie about Ronald Reagan during sweeps week and less than 6 months after his death. What better time to discredit a beloved, popular, and dead man? Mrs. Reagan complained that it was not factual and portrayed his presidency inaccurately. Pressure was put on CBS to modify or pull it. They pulled it. To quote a blogger’s comment on Riehl World, “CBS believed it had ordered a love story about Ronald and Nancy Reagan with politics as a backdrop, but instead got a film that crossed the line into advocacy, said a network executive who spoke on the condition of anonymity. By comparison, ABC ordered a docudrama about the events leading up to 9/11, and that’s what they got.”

The inconsistencies in the CBS production were conjecture. The content in the ABC production are pulled from newspapers, interviews, and facts that the 9/11 Commission reported.

But, in pulling the Reagan movie, CBS created a precedent allowing future small groups to think they could succeed in overriding our constitutional right of free speech, and the holiest of holies, freedom of the press (media).

Those same people were part of the larger group who voted with a majority of ONE to allow the burning of the US flag as an expression of an opinion, but will issue threats to a media mogul for a movie based on fact.

As of yesterday, ABC was editing. No one is saying anything this morning. Have they been given instructions? I’ll tell you Monday evening and Tuesday what they cut after I listen to a talk show host who viewed all 5 hours of the uncut version. Then, as soon as I can, I’ll go online and buy the uncut version.

Whatever are they afraid of? Have they shot themselves in the election foot?


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