Snooze button

Not being mechanically minded and having momentarily glanced the other way while technology screamed past me, I have a simple question:  How many times can one hit the snooze button on the average alarm clock before it will either turn off completely or break down?

That was a rhetorical question.  I have no interest in the literal answer.  Here’s a better one:  How many attacks and threats of attacks since 1979’s hostile takeover of the US embassy in Tehran (p.s., one of the gunmen is now Iran’s vicious leader) can we ignore before we’re destroyed in our sleep?

Several months ago the search team at our church found what has turned out to be an excellent choice for a youth minister, Tim Ellis, a young man in his 20’s, well trained, and with a heart for teens and their challenges.  When he came to us he brought his fiance, a very pretty, slim young woman who reflects the love of Christ from within.  When she came with Tim to the front of the sanctuary to be introduced, I noticed some scarring on her leg and arm, deep purple, not straight, not small, almost like stab wounds.  Thoughts collided, thoughts of child abuse, a car accident, was she mugged?   Worse.

On the way home I asked Stan if he noticed.  Don’t you remember?  She’s one of the two sisters that were in the bombing in the London subway last year.  She was close enough to see the bomber just before he detonated.  She survived with miscellaneous schrapnel wounds because between her and the bomber was a woman whose body absorbed the shock as she was disintegrated.

Katie has undergone several surgeries, the most recent one done on her ankle this summer.  She hopes that is the last one.  The scars will stay.

I hear that August 22nd is an important date on the muslim calendar.  Allegedly Mohammed ascended into heaven in such a way that he lit up the sky.  The plan thwarted in England was a dry run before they were to celebrate just that by lighting the sky with at least 12 airliners loaded with infidels (that’s us) detonated simultaneously.  The terrorists have been patiently planning.  But when the plan was leaked by one of their own, a muslim woman, and calls were made to the Pakistani leader, he said to run with it.  Too late.  This time.

I remember saying to my coworkers on 9/12/01 that I didn’t think there would be another major attack until the terrorists felt we were comfortable again.  Well ……..  were you? Do you wonder how Scotland Yard nabbed the subway bombers so quickly?  Does the presence of at least 50,000 cameras in the London area alone give you a clue?

It’s late.  Stuff intended to be loaded up for our trip to MN tomorrow is scattered and piled, to use Doris Murphy’s venacular, from stem to gudgeon.  Look up gudgeon in the dictionary.  Some of Mom’s sayings made no sense whatsoever.  But I see what she was driving at.

See y’all sometime Sunday.


One thought on “Snooze button

  1. This is a great article and well-written. You have hit the nail on the head with your analogy of the snooze button.

    Make a few changes and send it to your newspaper.

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