Thinking about packing

…. is more stressful for me than just doing it.  But c’mon, you can’t pack the toothpaste sooner than that morning.  So I make lists until I have to catalog and cross reference and by that time the eyeball are jiggling and where did the lists fly off to?

I think I’ll just have a seat, keep the pad and pen handy, and let things come to me.  It’s only Tuesday.

Tomorrow I get up earlier than usual and get that pesky patch of hair at the neck adjusted at my 7:30 appt and go to work.  Work is going well as far as I can tell.  The first month, they use the errors as part of the training process and I haven’t progressed that far yet.

No worries.  If I think of anything, I’ll just write it down.  Somewhere.  Someone tell me why I think of things in the shower and behind the wheel!!


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