In Preparation

Okay.  I have 10 minutes before The Closer comes on.  Yes, yes, I know we promised months ago that we were giving up the dish as soon as the antenna is hooked up.  Wellll…….the antenna is not hooked up yet.  So there.

It’s Monday, dusk.  Stan is having fun washing the cars.  We must need rain.  I am playing chicken with dial up.  It tests my faith in that after I have lost the battle, I repent of my reaction to it.  So there.

Packing should be simple.  Summer tank tops, shorts, jeans, slippers, and jammies.  Oh, and one somewhat dress-up something for the class reunion at the Eagles Club.  If the Eagles Club has not changed, denim could be overdressing.  Since I’ve worn makeup to the grocery store since Mom let me wear makeup, I will be overdressed as usual.  It wouldn’t be the first time and I don’t care.  So there.  I am what I am.

As it is, packing is stressing me out as usual.  It’s only Monday so the piles of  "don’t fogets" are increasing in number and size though still somewhat managable i.e. they don’t block the TV yet.

Four minutes until The Closer.

I’m stressing already.

We have a mental list including road food, books, tapes (no, a ’91 Buick, even a luxury one did not have a CD player included so now I have to remember how to record CD to tape as I haven’t done that since before we moved here).

Talk at you tomorrow. The Closer is on.


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