Flip Flop Thongs

Forgive me, young friends
When I walk up to you
And I say with a smile
“Nice thongs.”

I come from the day
When panties were full,
And we wore thongs
On our feet by the pool.

I’m trying to be cool,
But I fail as a rule,
And your face says my geezer brain slips.

Regretting your shock,
My heart sinks like a rock.
But I sure like your cute flop’n’flips.

2 thoughts on “Flip Flop Thongs

  1. Hi Jane,

    Found your blog via Purgatorio.

    Cute poem! Made me laugh.

    Where I come from, we call the things on your feet “thongs”, but we’re worldy-wise enough to know the other meaning.



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