A Victorian Tea

Saturday afternoon, we gathered on the White House lawn for tea, truly a genteel and beutiful chick day.

Our church is associated with Johnson Bible College.  It is a campus policy that the president of the college lives in the two story white frame house built by the founder.  It is known simply as The White House.  It is loaded with antiques, many of which the occupying president and family are custodians.  At the back of the house, a large glassed-in summer room has been added.  The property is perched on a hilltop overlooking the French Broad River and surrounding wooded hills. 

Our tea was on the lawn and brick patio amid flower gardens and shade trees.  The weather was not too warm, sunny, and breezy.  We wore our best summer dresses and hats, sat on white wrought iron chairs or quilts in the grass, sipped summer tea from pretty cups and saucers and nibbled on cucumber or tuna sandwich wedges, fresh fruit, and whipped cream cheese pastries listening to classical music.

It was a delight to see mothers and daughters posing for multi-generational pictures, and to croon over the tiny ones dressed in lace and ruffles.  One little one in particular stands out.  She was no more than 18 months, long dark curly hair, wearing a lace trimmed chiffon white dress to her ankles, running barefoot in the grass.  I wonder if she came to us in a time machine from 100 years ago?

That’s it.  Sunshine, tea, dainty snacks, playing dress-up.  Just a little peek into Paradise, chick style.


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