Update on the job search

Everyone’s been to Chuck E Cheese.  One of my favorites was the game with heads popping up.  The object was to hit as many as you could with the mallet before they ducked.  Well…….. the jobs pop up all over the place but so far my score is zero.

I interviewed for a call monitoring position at Brinks Security last week.  Decent pay, great benefits, top quality environment, high demands, evening hours, 40 miles away.  I’ve had enough "We’re sorry"s and "regretably" letters and enough resumes in black holes to not get the hopes high.

The laws of the land demand that no one discriminates based on age, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, marital or veteran status, religion, or creed.  Right.  The police are where?  But if there are enough qualified applicants who fit the company’s desired mold of young, healthy, and in general, not different, how do you prove discrimination?  The only way to avoid it is to hire sight unseen, written communication only, not even a phone interview which would reveal gender.

I also have a letter from the state and will be driving to Nashville Wednesday for the computer test.  The job is Administrative Secretary for which there are over 40 openings in Knoxville.  I’ll let you know the results.

I’m wearing out.  My spirits are frayed at the edges.  I’m tearing up over something almost daily now.  Get some pills!!  On who’s health insurance?  I let mine go because I couldn’t pay the $358 premium a month for a $2000 deductible policy.  I need an income, not a $3 designer pill.

Did I do this to myself?  Am I a victim of circumstance?  If it’s the former, have I beaten myself up long enough now?  Did I insult the cave men in the insurance commercial and have to apologize forever without forgiveness?  If I am a victim, who do I sue?  In Tennessee, as is elsewhere in most states, "at will" prevails.  The boss can send you packing for no reason and no explanation. 

And that’s hard to explain in an interview for a job for which there are younger applicants.

BTW, females are a negative in the workforce in terms of health insurance.  If the woman is young, she may get pregnant, expensive especially if it results in surgery.  If she is over 40, expenses can include but are not limited to breast cancer, gall bladder removal ($20,000 without insurance — trust me), type II diabetes onset due to overweight, hysterectomy, etc.  The costs are all written down at the insurance companies.  The younger the employee age average, and the more males, the better.  HR people from coast to coast know this.

We knew when we moved here that we were supposed to move here, a God Thing.  I guess I just have to keep on keeping on.  Easier said than done.  I need to keep swinging that mallet until I hit the little pop-up head at $2.69 a gallon.  Is our time here finished?  So many answers out of reach.  So many I-don’t-knows.

I’ve had time to visit kids, no money for travel.


One thought on “Update on the job search

  1. Honey Who and I just came through the absolute worst year of our marriage (ten years).

    We felt that God sent us to Irvine, CA – one of the most expensive cities in the USA. We bought a home that we could not afford; the mortgage payments were about equal to our incomes.

    And then, Honey Who lost her job. The plans that we had for me to make money dried up overnight. She came down with Bell’s Palsey. And on and on and on and on.

    One time, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Your FICO scores are too high, I am going to lower them.”

    If ever a word was true, this was the one. For the next four months, we could not afford to make one house payment. And our FICO scores were flushed down the toilet!

    But through all of this, God told us that we would leave Irvine with money in our pockets and that we would not suffer hurt.

    Was it rough hanging on to the word of the Lord? Yes. Was it hard praying every morning, reminding God of His promises and thanking Him for the fulfillment of His promises? Yes.

    But at some point in this trial, we had to make a new commitment to God and say, “We don’t care if we lose everything. We don’t care what our parents, relatives and friends think – we are going to trust God. Sink or swim, live or die, we will trust the Lord. And we will not listen to the ‘but what if’s’ anymore!”

    Seven days before foreclosure, we sold our house for $75,000 above the last comparative price for a like home. This was in a slow house market and it was above appraised value!!!

    We moved to Murrieta, CA, with money in our pockets and moved into a beautiful new home. (The landlord didn’t care about our lowly FICO scores!)

    God is a good God. What He did for us, He is able to do for you… and more.

    And oh yes – since you and your husband have callings on your lives, you get the AAA, Tier One, High Intensity, Rock’em, Shake’em, Super Duper, Squeese Them Until They Scream type of trials from God.

    So, remember this: if you are going to have a miraculous signs and wonders ministry, guess what? You will always need miracles to survive!

    Hang on – you will come through this and there will be great things on the other side.

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