Another Anniversary Already?

The following conversations take place from early afternoon of May 25 through the evening of May 26.

I’m at WalMart.  What do you want to eat for our anniversary?  Shall I pick up a couple of steaks?
Ohhhh, I forgot!  I’ll get you some flowers.
(I knew he forgot, part of the reason I called him) How about I get us both flowers and a couple of heart shaped steaks? (that’s porterhouse)
Ok.  What about when Jim and Nancy come over? How about a pork roast?
(Why do our lives revolve around food?) I’ll find something.
How many years is it this year?

(Later, at bed time): Has it really been 33 years?
Yup.  Time flies when you’re too busy to pay attention.

(ring, ring) Hey.
Happy anniversay.
Ohhh, I forgot to say that the last time I called.  I’m sorry.
I’ll get you a card.  What do we need at the grocery store?
Coffee beans.  And if you remember, pick up a movie.

(After work, Friday)

I forgot your card.
What’s the movie?
War of the Worlds.
It’s supposed to be lousy, a box office bust.  The critics panned it.
So it’s good.

(hug, hug) Would you do it over again?
Hmmmm.  If I could go back with full memory of the future? yes.
Yeah.  I’d have to.
If I didn’t, we wouldn’t have our kids.

Goood steak.
I’m only eating part of it.  Don’t you dare touch my leftovers.
If you cut off your "leftovers", I can chew on the bone.
Looks like you didn’t cut off all of it.
Sure I did.

What are you doing, blogging?
Gimme 5.
I want to watch the movie.
What’s after the movie?
I dunno.
It’s Friday.

Here’s the card I bought.


(Clink) Here’s to the first and the next 33.

(a couple of real lightning bolts, aren’t we?)


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