Gnostic gospel bandwagon

There seems to be an increase in feet-beating to read all these “new” ancient gnostic writings. Why? Why this week?

Oh, you don’t really think this publicity is coincidental, do you, child? All this twirling and swirling and sloshing of words and noise is timed by someone to obliviate the one week out of the year when all of Christendom is in the habit of observing Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection and Judaism’s observation of the holy Passover celebration. (rubbing hands together) How can we both distract Christians and actually plant a seed of doubt? Satan’s best tool is a wedge.

If those who are re-publicizing “new,” previously rejected “truths” were sincere in their promotion of a word that is possibly a valuable addition to the existing canon, they would research now and wait to broadcast conclusions rather than conjecture. If their purpose is to distract and sow doubt, well, then, here they are waving their new unproven proof of …. what? The Bible is not inspired? It’s incomplete? The authors were either idiots or liars? Why would they lie?

My mother loved books. I managed to salvage from her 44 years’ accumulation (she was a squirrel) of pictures, books, documents, knick-knacks, and white gloves a few collections of literature up to 100 years old. They grace my shelf today and when sniffed up close, smell like the wonderful musty antiques that they are. I will not any time soon have time to read them. It’s enough for now to own them and dust them now and then.

Do you read any of the books by Danielle Steel? Romance books steaming off the wallpaper behind the shelf. Soap operas on paper, different names and locations. One of the collections I managed to preserve was by the author Kathleen Norris, same pattern as Steel, but late 19th century settings–poor but beautiful heroines whose lips turned ashen and they swooned a lot. I have both of the series by Gene Stratton Porter and Bess Streeter Aldrich. Porter wrote of sturdy men and women who shaped our nation. Aldrich wrote of pioneers. Another was John Jakes whose 7 volume series started with an immigrant to the new colonies just prior to the American Revolution and ended in the 1930’s. Jakes researched American history down to the weather reports and incorporated actual documented history, weaving his characters into the factual historical fabric. He wanted to bring his fictional characters all the way through to the 1976 bi-centennial celebration but apparently got a little too bogged down by detail and came to a halt just after the turn of the 20th century.

Is it possible, a little possible, remotely possible that these gnostic authors were not who they claimed to be and were jumping on the bandwagon of the day, trying to garner fame, trying to set themselves up as authorities, desperate to justify their behavior and maybe lack of faith by debunking known fact of that day, by diluting or fictionalizing it?

Honey watched the Judas documentary. He quoted the documentary’s “proven” statement that Jesus walked the earth in 230 A.D. thereby proving that the gospel of Judas had to be accurate. What an incredible LEAP !! All of a sudden the calendar is off by 230 years! Worse, just because the words are published (or broadcast), they’re truth. I read sources that state that Jesus was born in 1 A.D. and that the previous year was 1 BC, that there was no zero. Now a documentary from, of all credible sources, the mainstream broadcaster’s studios, declare that the Gospel of Judas was written in 230 AD during Jesus’ ministry or within months after. How conveeeeeenient.

Ok, would the real authority please step forward. You’re dead + or – 1800 years? Sorry to bother you. Constantine was anti-semitic, but he and his council apparently saw the difference between the original writers who walked with Jesus and sects who altered doctrine later.

People, if you haven’t had your heads turned just yet, you do remember that Jesus is coming back soon? People are dying in their sins, and we want to waste precious time re-analyzing something totally unproven that has nothing to do with:

  • Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God
  • No one comes to the Father but by Him
  • narrow is the Gate

unless, of course, we want to play into the hands of those who desire to distract, dilute, refute, challenge, discredit and in short, toss the scriptures. The existing canon has way more in it already for me to study thoroughly in the balance of this lifetime. Is it enough to tell me how to be saved? Yes. I am not in favor of shaking the faithful or potential faithful by flapping ‘new” old works in the public’s collective face particularly this week!

I was pointed to 1 Enoch an ancient text used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church canon. I’ve started reading it. Fascinating and not weird so far. As for the books of Thomas, Judas, Andrew, Peter, and the rest, I’ve read a few of them as well. Some parts sound credible, some parts are off the charts. I don’t view them as either replacements or supplements — they may be on the same callibur as Josephus’ journalisic writings. Don’t know. Don’t need to know. So far I’m more than happy with what I have in the 66 book Bible on my shelf. Actually, I have 19 Bibles on my shelf, various sizes and versions. That doesn’t make me spiritual, only a squirrel like Mom.

Did the gnostic authors write any truth, were they eye witnesses, reporters, or just trying to sell a book? Later. Set it on the table over there. I’ll get to it if I have time.


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