We have decided

We’re putting up a TV antenna. Yup. It’s gonna happen in May after Honey’s trip to Dayton, OH to the company trade show. We’ve been on DirecTV satellite since we moved in March, 2000. I love having all those choices. And I do check out TLC, Hallmark, Discovery, A&E, and others. I love the movie channels. Every time it’s turned on it’s a new adventure in WHAT’S ON? Movies without commercials are the best. However, if I own a copy, I’ll move on.

We own almost 200 VHS tapes and 64 DVDs, something to fit every mood. I’m sure the collection will continue to grow after this employment gap.

We finally figured out that what we end up watching is pretty expensive per viewing. Oh, but look at all that’s available! I don’t think it’s possible to watch enough television to make that monthly fee worth it and still have time to eat and sleep, unless of course, your budget is better than our current one, and ours used to be. That’s temporary, I know, but the logic remains the same. And it is….

We spend entirely too much time taking turns with the remote searching for something to watch. We end up with CSI reruns or Mythbusters after M.A.S.H. reruns, Home Improvement reruns, and Becker reruns. I see a pattern.

You need to realize that both of us are vidiots. Television was new technology and much desired when we were little. Compare it to not owning a cell phone or an IPod now.  So when Dad brought home the TV, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it. Whatever was on was worthy of our time. I’m still jealous that Honey had a Mickey Mouse ears hat and I didn’t.

As we grew up so did the television industry. It’s a part of us. This is not necessarily good.

This last week I received a flyer in the mail offering a heck of a deal from DISH. I bit. 4 rooms, dual tuner, all my favorite channels, and $10 cheaper than Direct. We were scheduled for this afternoon installation when Honey became “uncomfortable.” We were going to get an antenna and if we didn’t like the selections, we had tapes, DVDs, books, music, and internet. “Hon, dial-up no longer qualifies as true internet access.” That’s another discussion.

I cancelled the DISH appointment.

When was the last time I turned off all the noise and really researched a topic in the scriptures? Not recently. Too much channel surfing.

It’s time. Time we grew up, time I grew up and tapped into better things via other sources than what broadcast executives think I need to see and hear.

I cleaned off the bookshelves and sorted through the tapes, disks, and actual books. I have two shelves devoted to faith related media, double deep. I recall saying to Honey “You know, if we read all this stuff, we’d be spiritual giants.”

A few days later I realized what I’d said. Sometimes God speaks to us through our own flippancy. That’s an epiphany, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “We have decided

  1. I pay $12.95 for basic cable. So I don’t get Lifetime, or CNN, or get the movies without commercials.I do get the Hallmark station, PBS and local politics.I get Oprah! So I’m Happy…lol

    I too, have so many movies that I’ve lost count… Pride & Predjudice being my all time favorite (the older BBC version).


  2. One of the hardest things for us humans to endure is quiet; we don’t like dead air time. And yet, in the stillness, we can usually hear God better.

    Epiphany? Your use of the word caused me to look it up. I will probably use the word in some of my future writings and give you no credit whatsoever at all for it. So, consider this an apology for my future plagiarism.

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