Keeping on

The job search is feeling more like Blind Man’s Buff  which I don’t remember playing as a child so I am doubly disadvantaged for lack of experience in its nuances.

The one interview is a month old, cold, and still in its black hole.  The application to the time share resort is so far unacknowledged.  Is that a good thing since the opening was 25% lower pay and evening shift?

I am still in the process of slogging through online home business opportunities while trying to avoid the scams.  The potential is there …. do I have enough time?  A friend/pastor is opening a hotel close to here and asked me to give him first choice.  The first thing he said to me on the 19th of March was "hang in there, I’m working on it."  God bless The Kingdom family.  I’m hanging on.

Friday I signed with a temp agency.  An occasional job here and there may fill in a little better than the state, provided the pay is more than just gas money above the state’s rate.

Trust, patience, faith.  I’ve talked a good talk for years.  Now the test. 

Some progress is that I no longer have stress related non-stop diarrhea and the chest pains have diminished in frequency and intensity.  Somebody told me a couple of weeks ago that I had my smile back.  I was unaware it was missing. 

Breathe in, breathe out.  Keep on keeping on. 


3 thoughts on “Keeping on

  1. Jane, I didn’t know you had hit hard times. Breathe and know that you are loved. I’m glad it hasn’t stopped you from writing. It is hard for me to write when I’m really struggling which is often with two not quite adults at home. I want to enjoy them and I am sad they make it so hard at times. I lower the expectations just for some sanity! I pray their consciences will kick in soon? How is your family? At least now I know to be praying for you.

  2. Using the words of those two great philosophers – George Jones and Tammi Wynette – “We’re going to hold on…!”

    So, just hold on a little while longer – the King is on His way!

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